Preservation made possible by indigenous women

Woman plays a fundamental role in the development and preservation of native mother language, an invaluable wealth of the linguistic culture of Latin America.

Indigenous women are, because of their importance for the development of their communities, the main promoters and defenders of the various languages spoken in Latin America.

"Children grow up with mothers, who are the main guardians of the territory, and we want to continue to highlight their role because in every society, including indigenous women, women are discriminated against," SPL's Documentation Director, María de The Snow Montiel.

Education within the home establishes the identity of the people and if they do not know the language of their family they will never really know who they are, their history.

"Speaking one's own language is essential to be able to truly express what is being thought," added the woman, who welcomed that the State is beginning to take initiatives such as those of the Ministry of Linguistic Policies to preserve their language.

On the other hand, economic independence of the indigenous woman is achieved through the artisan works that allow her to have time for herself outside the tasks of the home imposed by the man even taking into account this important work made by women with the preservation of language.

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