Disney: a Trump robot is now part of the Hall of Presidents

The theme park has been criticized because the new addition to this Magic Kingdom attraction does not resemble 45 at all

The theme park has been criticized because the new addition to this Magic Kingdom attraction does not resemble 45 at all

The Hall of Presidents is an attraction of Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, which debuted in 1971, and which now includes all presidents of the United States, from George Washington to now 45. The Disney Parks newsroom describes the attraction as one “offering an inspiring journey through American history, anchored by Audio-Animatronics likenesses of all U.S. presidents. Prior to being seated for the 25-minute theater show, guests are invited to explore a gallery that includes genuine artifacts owned or used by previous Presidents and First Ladies. The gallery offers a glimpse into the personal lives of past leaders. A new display, including the pictured case, honors Walt Disney's passion for American history and the presidents”.

Disney has only released a press video and pictures of the new Trump robot, but the attraction is still closed to visitors, and the official reopening date has yet to be announced. Some critics have argued that Disney adding 45 to the Hall of Presidents is politically problematic, but the company has replied that it has been tradition to include all presidents, regardless of their political views.

However, most of the critics Disney have received are in regards to the robot’s lack of resemblance to Donald Trump. Twitter users, for instance, have taken it upon themselves to compare the robot with other public figures (polititians and others) who actually resemble the robot. Some have said that it looks more like Hillary Clinton, as if the company had been ready for Clinton to win, when Trump surprised them with his victory. Disney has not addressed these claims at all. Others have said that the figure looks like actor Jon Voight, film critic Roger Ebert, and even a Chucky doll.

**No other president’s robot has been criticized the way Trump’s has**

No other robot that makes part of the attraction has been criticized the way Trump’s has. When looking at pictures, one can tell that the resemblance is not 100% there, but none of them is as far from reality as 45. This is what has encouraged theories such as the one that the robot was originally Hillary Clinton, or that it is the company’s conscious effort to make a bad robot, as a means of political protest or resistance.

Donald Trump himself recorded the speech the robot gives

As has been customary with every president who has been in office since Bill Clinton, the Trump robot “delivers his oath of office before going into a speech: ‘From the beginning, America has been a nation defined by its people. At our founding it was the American people who rose up to defend our freedom and win our independence’, Mr Trump's figure says. ‘It was why our founders began our great constitution with three very simple words: We the people. Since that moment, each generation of Americans has taken its place in the defence of our freedom, our flag, and our nation under God’”, as ABC News reports.

Due to the attraction being closed since January, no one has experienced the Trump addition in real life yet. Once the attraction reopens, will it receive more critics or will Twitter settle down?


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