What Is Expected of the Relief in the British Crown?

What Is Expected of the Relief in the British Crown?

Austerity and rigidity have been the characteristics that have endured in the symbols of the crown and the speeches and messages.

With the arrival of a new generation, the British people expect greater proximity from their sovereigns.

Gradually, in the last years of the reign of Elizabeth II, the new strategy that has been proposed to establish greater closeness and sympathy towards the kings and princes who now govern the monarchy and who now, more than ever, require affection has been clear and support of its people, considering the movements that have arisen against the traditional establishment.

Thanks to the analysis of the firm  Seguimiento & Estrategia, we extract part of its interesting approaches regarding the change in images, costumes, colors, and tone of speeches that mark a new era.

At the level of communication, the symbol of the British royal crown and the “soft power” that has been projected in recent years allows us to see what an institutional structure is like that adapts to the new logic and communication forms. This is evidenced in the management of centralized communication channels in its official portal royal. The UK and the use of social networks for the direct line of succession (Carlos, William, and Harry).

The official website serves as a fundamental aspect in the exchange of information related to the Windsors with the press and the outside world in terms of events, communications, programs, and experiences.

Social networks have given a closer and more modern nuance with the publication of content from official visits, charity projects, social programs, and in the case of the new Prince and Princess of Wales, a family side of the crown. Another relevant point of the communication of the crown, especially of the royal family, is the use of photography as a sign of visualization of its most important moments.

Two ways in which royalty has used photography as a communication channel:

1. The capture of power and lineage of succession, photos where Elizabeth II, Charles, William, and Prince George appear.

2. Presentation of family moments full of relationships and influence of the royal family. In this aspect, the photos taken in William’s marriage proposal to Kate Middleton stand out, as well as the one made by Harry to Meghan Markle, and their eventual marriage ceremonies, the official photos of the royal family at the birth of the children and heirs to the throne of the Princes of Wales, as well as their baptisms. A key aspect that should be highlighted is how the royal family, despite continuing with a communication charged with power and hierarchy over the years, has portrayed a less formal and more familiar side to convey closeness to the people.

3. The third point of communication for the royal family is fashion and colors. For years real events have been full of majesty and media coverage, but this has also been accompanied by the fashion industry. The costumes worn over time by the queen denote a multiplicity of symbols such as dominance, leadership, and hierarchy. The warm and soft colors accompanied the generation of the queen; however, the straight lines reinforced the message of authority and the position that she represented. Likewise, the clothing insignia has been transferred to Kate Middleton who had an evolution in her outfit according to her new role as Princess and future Queen Consort. An anecdote that has not gone unnoticed is the use of the vanilla Alexander McQueen dress that the Princess of Wales wore at Harry and Meghan’s wedding, this showed how communication had two interpretations: the first, reusing a dress and demonstrating a commitment to sustainability; second, a vision of closeness with the people by once again using a locker room as if it were an everyday event. Beyond the aspects analyzed here, Seguimiento & Estrategia concludes that it is likely that the institutional communication of the royal crown, as well as that of its members, will continue to be the same as it has been in recent years.

An official communication at the time of going out to give statements in a media crisis in the face of events involving an individual from the royal family. As well as the incursion into other communicative formats, such as the appearance of the Queen at the opening ceremony of the London Olympic Games in 2012 and the staging together with Paddington bear for the celebration of the Jubilee in 2022. The change in communication will be seen when William, Prince of Wales ascends the throne. Who, of course, in the company of his wife, have shown more familiar, philanthropic, close, and committed content with the crown and the British people … ”

We will see what pronouncements and reactions we will have in the face of this new monarchical perspective and management styles in the face of gaining popularity and if it returns the expected results.


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