To Break Gender Bias in Women’s Sports!

To Break Gender Bias in Women’s Sports!

The 2030 agenda and the SDGs adopted by the United Nations in 2015 propose a global alignment against an action plan in favor of people, the planet, and prosperity,

Additionally, The 2030 agenda and the SDGs have the intention to strengthen universal peace and access to justice.

Even so, regarding SDG number 5, gender equality, it is proposed that it would be achieved by 2234. And it is that gender biases persist, the feminization of careers and trades, and the masculinization in sports such as football or soccer.

The women’s soccer teams are still considered “amateur” in countries like Colombia and lack the recognition and support that would be expected from the Federations.

The Global Gender Gap Report is a document produced by the World Economic Forum that measures gender equality in four terms: economic opportunities and participation, educational acquisition or attainment, health and survival, and political empowerment.

The girls of the Colombia U17 team have shown that their perseverance, passion, and conviction for their sport have allowed them to qualify for the Women’s World Cup, a historic event for this country in any of its categories.

This and other achievements, not only in this Latin American country but in other latitudes, are a call to all sectors so that they stop biases and move away from the individual, political and economic interests that favor a minority and it is a clear invitation to align with international trends and thus contribute to closing existing gaps.

In the United States, there is the NWSL whose website shows the sponsors who have bet on this sport in women’s mode, FIFA has been calling to encourage and promote this sport worldwide, through this page:

So, the leaders in Colombia should show an attitude that does not go against this global trend and show a real and tangible effort to promote the enthusiasm and passion of the players of their team.

The triumph of this group of girls shows that their sports skills, discipline, and sense of teamwork show results that have not even been generated by young people in any other category. They will proudly carry the flag of their country to this world event with all the expectations, dreams, and hopes attached to their talent. It is time to support them and for companies a unique opportunity to become their permanent sponsors.

We, as a society, must commit to following their next matches, firmly support them and talk as a family about the importance and benefits of dedicating oneself to a sport with persistence, having the pride of representing a country, and showing that obstacles can be overcome. present along the way.

Let’s go for a more successful Colombian women’s team under 17!

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