The Best Feminist Books You Should Read

The Best Feminist Books You Should Read

There are many perfect books if you want to learn more about feminism. Here are some ideal books for this.

Feminism is one of the most relevant social movements in history. In recent years, women have organized to bring change to the world. For example, to erase the wage gap, male violence, and even gender stereotypes.

According to an investigation by El País, between the ages of 18 and 24, 64.5% of women consider themselves “feminists.” This figure decreases as age increases, since between 25-34 years old it is 57%, between 35-44 years old it is 48.9%, and between 45 and 54 years old women are 40.6% feminists.

However, it is essential to know feminist books to understand this social phenomenon. Below, we will explain which are the vital texts to get it.

We Should All Be Feminists By Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

A perfect book to enter the field of feminism. What is feminism? Is it true that it seeks to generate the superiority of women over men? This Nigerian writer sets the record straight, intending to eliminate many prejudices about this essential social movement. Ngozi Adichie seeks to demonstrate that men will also benefit from feminism. That is, the macho structure of the world even generates problems for men, such as the management of emotions or the roles they have been assigned in society. This book is perfect for understanding that feminism does not hate men but aims to make the world an equal place.

Feminist Economics By Mercedes D’Alessandro

She is an Argentine economist and writer who is currently the National Director of Economics, Equality, and Gender at the Ministry of Economy of Argentina. Now, what does this book consist of? If you ever wanted to understand how women’s work works, this is the text for you. Throughout its pages, D’Alessandro takes care of deconstructing some myths. For example, housework is a woman’s job; companies are not prepared to have female CEOs, or many countries have never had a female president. Therefore, the author explores the concept of inequality between the two genders. This is a profound text which aims to eliminate the differences between men and women to build a more just society.

King Kong Theory By Virginie Despentes

We began to delve into the field of theoretical feminism. For that, nothing better than studying the famous King Kong Theory by Virginie Despentes. This author explores her own experience of women’s problems throughout her work—for example, the repression of desire, motherhood, or sexism.

There Despentes considers herself more “King Kong than Kate Moss,” saying that, to the world, she is too fat, too hairy, or too masculine. She explains her theory in terms of the 2006 film “King Kong.” This film serves as a metaphor for her to explain the differences between the roles of men and women. Thus, you will understand that what you know as “natural” is constructed. It is a perfect work to enter the field of critical feminist theory.

Gender Trouble By Judith Butler

It is the founding work of one of the most relevant theories of feminism: Queer theory. This theory emerged in the early 1990s when studies on sexual identities began to be developed. In other words, queers reject definitions of “masculine” and “feminine” behaviors.

Instead, it is established that the genitalia with which a person is born does not imply generating an automatic label of “male” or “female.” Those who identify with the opposite gender are considered “trans.” On the other hand, those who choose not to do so with either are considered non-binary. This book is perfect for understanding the term gender identity and better understanding new sexual identities.

The Second Sex By Simone de Beauvoir

Written in 1949, the French philosopher generated a work that is considered a “starting point” for the new feminist movements. Consequently, women emerge here as social subjects. Practically, this article’s previous books were influenced by this one! The best part? That it is a multidisciplinary book. There are studies from psychoanalysis, anthropology, and even philosophy. Likewise, it lays some groundwork for defending sexual diversity, something you can later delve into in some of the other books we’ve reviewed here.

It is a perfect choice to read from the beginning to the end, as it is an integrative book that will reinforce everything you have previously learned.

Now you know which are the best feminist books you should consider. We hope you liked this list!


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