What difficulties does female soccer face around the world?

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Many woman footballers have had to face and go through a series of difficulties while trying to be professionals because their careers have not been valued

What difficulties does female soccer face around the world?

Women's football has gone through several challenges and women have had to face a series of difficult situations throughout their careers. The lack of opportunities at the economic level, financial support and sponsorships are some of the factors that have been presented the most.

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In this football, there have been shameful events that unfortunately have affected the integrity of the players, the leaders, and the coaches. Worldwide, a series of accusations have arisen in which disrespect, gender inequality, and racism have been presented. Also, situations such as equality in working conditions and salary balance are affected by women's football worldwide.

Renowned cases

For example, in the United States, the twenty-eight players of the national team filed a suit against the Federation for gender inequality. They seek equal pay and working conditions in each of the athletes.

Salaries have been one of the nonconformities because they earn more titles than men and salaries are lower. Several points were touched. On the other hand, in Colombia, lamentable acts of discrimination were also presented where the development of the Women's League was in suspense. Accusations of side and side on the part of players towards managers put in the eye of the hurricane the realization of such important competition.

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Latinamerican Post analyzes these events that have put in check the football of women who increasingly demand their sports rights.

1. The American case: The 28 players of the American cast made a presentation in Los Angeles seeking equity. In addition to the salary, the claims were for the frequency of the matches, and they asked for better conditions for the places where they play and train.

According to nytimes.com, the athletes are also annoyed by the training they received and by the way they traveled to each of the meetings.

Stars like Carli Lloyd, Megan Rapinoe, Alex Morgan, and substitute players called for their complaint to be filed as a class action lawsuit. "It's a shame that we have to fight for a deal that reflects our achievements in this sport," Lloyd told Reuters in El País.

The Women's National Team is one of the most successful teams in the United States since it has won four times the medal of the Olympic Games. They have also won the Women's World Cup three times in 1991, 1999 and 2015 and several of their players have gained popularity and recognition. The bbc.com news portal said that they are being paid less than half of what the players in the US cast receive.

Federation response

Given this fact, the President of the United States Federation, Carlos Cordeiro, said that an agreement had already been made with the players. In the publication of as.com, the leader said that a contract structure was built where they are offered a good salary with all the guarantees. The media mentioned that Alex Morgan and Megan Rapinoe do not intend to destabilize the preparation for the World Cup in France.

2. A problem solved in Colombia ?: Due to a series of dubious situations the realization of the Women's League in Colombia was at risk, but in the end, it will be done. The lack of resources of professional clubs was one of the main arguments used by the leaders of Colombian Soccer.

However, Carlos Gonzalez Puche, director of Acolfutpro, (Colombian Association of Professional Footballers) all happened because of some complaints. "They made the accusations, and the answer is to take them out of the Colombia National Team and then finish with the League," Gonzalez told Colombia.

The option of holding a semiprofessional national sub-23 tournament was studied to start a new process with three older players. Semana.com revealed problems in which Colombian soccer players had to take out their own money to pay tickets and go to practice.

The player, Isabela Echeverry told Fox Sports Radio Colombia that she had to go to a call as a guest paying to be seen. Atlético Huila is the current champion of the Women's Libertadores Cup, but Colombian women's football has not been given much attention.

3. Sexual harassment in Colombian arbitration: Former arbitrators Harold Perilla, Javier Reina, Julián Mejía and Carlos Chaves revealed that they were victims of abuse. "With Oscar Julián Ruiz there were episodes. In a hallway he came up to me and put his hand on my testicles, "Perilla told La W Radio on the Herald's record.

In the middle mentioned, Perilla also named Imer Machado, assuring that during an invitation to his house he began to touch his leg. Similarly, the former judge said that several of the referees who were promoted to FIFA did so for having accessed sexual favors.

Curiosities of the Feminine Soccer (Source: The Time)

* Half of soccer players in the world are concentrated more regularly in countries such as the United States and Canada

* Currently, the FIFA women's ranking includes federations of 177 countries that come from six confederations

* The Global Sports Salaries Survey 2017 survey revealed that Neymar's salary in the PSG is equal to the salary sum of 1693 players

* Women's Soccer Leagues are in the United States, Germany, France, England, Sweden, Australia and Mexico

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