Phil Stutz: Answers About Life, Illness, and Pain.

Phil Stutz: Answers About Life, Illness, and Pain.

Stutz has become one of the most viewed documentaries at the moment on the Netflix streaming platform due to the choice of subscribers

Why is a documentary that is almost an interview with one of the most prestigious psychologists so new? Johan Hill who has already established himself as a producer, director, and one of the most recognized actors in Hollywood. Let's remember his participation in films like Martin Scorsese's Wolf of Walla Street, he decides to make a film for his psychologist Stutz.

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The film that simulates a long therapy session addresses the human problems that usually overwhelm us all: grief, anguish, success, and family. Conversation after conversation we are delving into this therapy with one of the most prestigious psychologists in Los Angeles and who also has his own best seller on the method or rather the tools that we can all use when we are going through a crisis. in his words:

"Anyone can take an unpleasant experience and turn it into an opportunity."said Stutz

What could be an interview about the method becomes an intimate conversation about life, illness, and pain. The viewer ends up being another character who enjoys and participates in these two characters who happen to be friends. The therapist becomes the again and again the patient.

Stutz, who is also famous for developing his method graphically and through his line, shows himself to be human, talks about his Parkinson's of the consequences beyond the trembling of his hands, reveals how his life has had gaps and internal struggles and how the structuring of your Family and context are keys to the human experience.

Phil Stutz has been the prison psychologist for different prisons, such as Rikers Island, and in the 1980s he settled in Los Angeles, becoming for some media the "most wanted psychiatrist in Hollywood." He has helped thousands of writers, artists, producers, and CEOs deal with his insecurities, traumas, and problems, awakening his creative and healing focus.

On the other hand, if Phil Stutz is known for something, it is for his book The Method: the tools that will activate your inner strength to change your life (2012), written together with therapist Barry Michels. A book in which he addresses the mechanisms and resources that we can all develop by activating our "higher forces" to solve problems, points that the documentary also addresses:

Reality. We must become aware that our life will be dominated by three aspects, which are pain, uncertainty, and constant work. The last element will allow us to handle the first two and with this, it refers to the work we have with our search and self-healing, with our projects and desires.

The life force. Three forces define who you are and how you can improve your existence. The first is the relationship with your body, the second is the relationship with people, and the last is the relationship with yourself. The documentary demonstrates at this point the importance of sport or physical activity that allows you to produce the serotonin and positive chemistry that your brain needs. As well as the relationship with others that as social subjects are very important and how we conceive and see ourselves

Part X. We all have a dark area that prevents change, it is that resistance that, like a villain, hinders everything.

The pearl necklace. Life can be seen as a necklace with different stones set. Each stone is an action, they are all the tasks, efforts, and activities that we do daily. Some will have their dark and imperfect point, but we can always make the next pearl more perfect and beautiful.

The kingdom of illusion. According to Stutz, we all focus on achieving perfection. A perfect job, a perfect partner… However, all this brings us suffering.

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