Complaints about Ciro Guerra and other news of the week

Here are the news of this week in the world of entertainment.

Ciro Guerra, Halle Berry and Frame from the film 'Rifkin’s Festival'

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The news of this week arrive summarized in our Friday special. This time we have especially bad news: more accusations of sexual harassment in the film and entertainment industry. Here is a summary of the industry news this week.

Eight complaints of sexual harassment and abuse of Ciro Guerra, Colombian director

This Wednesday, June 24, a report was written by Catalina Ruiz-Navarro and Matilde de los Milagros, in which there were testimonies of eight complaints to the renowned director Ciro Guerra for sexual harassment and abuse. The complaints will not become criminal, but they want to highlight the systematic harassment and sexism in the audiovisual industry. Ciro Guerra has spoken on the matter denying the facts and affirming that he will take legal measures to defend his name. The complaints consist of the testimonies of the victims and their witnesses to the acts of the director of Embrace of the Serpent, nominated for the Oscar for best international film, in different settings: theaters, international festivals, the Colombian embassy and even in his own apartment.

Woody Allen will release a film in San Sebastián

And while some believe that allegations of sexual abuse and harassment can ruin the life and career of a film director, Woody Allen, who has also faced serious complaints about it, will release his new film, titled Rifkin's Festival and which will be a romantic comedy, at the International Film Festival in San Sebastián. This feature film will open the festival, which will take place amid the pandemic and the accusations against Woody Allen.

Gone with the wind returns to HBO MAX

Two weeks ago, the HBO streaming service had removed the movie Gone with the wind from its catalog in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement for its apparently friendly stance on slavery. Now, two weeks later, the film returns to the catalog with a disclaimer at the beginning that highlights the imprecise representation of slavery and racism. The position of the streaming service has been not to censor the audio-visual products of its time but to point out what we can now see.

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Red carpet in the middle of a pandemic

Despite the fact that the United States is one of the countries with the most reported cases of COVID-19, and that in California there has already been another spike in infections, the first premiere cinema red carpet in Hollywood took place this week. It was the premiere of the comedy aTypical Wednesday, which was full of masks and temperature measuring. The event would normally host 200 people, but this time it was a premiere of 60 people. The last Hollywood premiere that had taken place was on March 10.

Halle Berry debuts as director

Halle Berry has announced that her directorial debut with the film "Bruised" will take place at the Toronto Film Festival next September. The Oscar-winning actress has expressed her enthusiasm and excitement for this news that puts her on top of one of the most important international festivals.

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