Coaching and its Contribution to Female Empowerment

The Colombian coach, Carlos Enrique Lozano, explains the techniques that coaching has for female empowerment. A practice that allows women to recognize themselves in their body, mind and emotions.

The Woman Post | María Consuelo Caicedo Toro

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The cradles where so many millions of women in the world have been born are as different as the multiple parenting styles that influenced us through the people from whom we receive guidance, affection, reproaches, scolds, applause, pats on the back, hugs or reprimands, words of encouragement or disqualification, which undoubtedly mark our lives.

Although the attempts towards the personal and professional empowerment of women in the world are plausible, there are still millions lagging behind, scared, fearful and with great doubts between what they show and what they want to show, especially in Latin America, which they oscillate between their own desires that they keep silent and the other extreme in which their heads nod in front of the requirements of their bosses, their husbands, their children; they are women who never learned to say yes or no with full conviction, because their daily behavior has had an eternal and unquestionable rigid frame of reference that excludes them.

To the rescue of female empowerment comes coaching to guide Latin women on the path of their own recognition. In an interview with The Woman Post, the Colombian coach, Carlos Enrique Lozano, recalls that on this side of the world, traditionally, women have had to fulfill multiple social, work and family roles: “In that we include their professional performance and a setting home in which, very often, it is the backbone of the home and the engine that moves everything, even when it has a partner”. That seems to be a lot of weight on female shoulders and yet it has been carrying it for hundreds of years.

This fast-paced world, Lozano points out, "makes many women get involved in a series of obligations that do not leave them space to visualize the essence of their being." Coaching has a series of techniques that allows them to develop their full potential to the maximum.


In Latin America, macho cultures still promote fears in women: “There are many who feel trapped in their own daily lives, but through coaching, they could understand themselves, find their own being, dare to open paths, find their north” and require tools to empower themselves, overcome their fears, pursue their dreams and work to achieve them. “At no time does this imply abandonment of home, partner or children. A woman who values ​​herself, who identifies with what she does at work, her home and the way she performs her social role, is a person who can be supported without abuse. She is a woman who will know how to say yes or no without feeling guilty because her decisions do not coincide with those of others”.

According to coach Carlos Lozano, the role of Latin American women in family, social and work settings since time immemorial has been marked by submission. Fortunately, thousands of women move forward determined supported by their own decisions and beliefs. “Coaching, or emotional intelligence, is a process that integrates women into a dynamic in which they define their goals and obtain tools to empower themselves and overcome obstacles. Through guiding questions, the woman identifies her fears and, with the help of the coach, draws and designs a personal action plan that frees her, overcoming stigmas rooted in her being and builds new scenarios for herself, her desires, her purposes, her dreams “.

In order to define what she feels, Lozano contributes a series of questions that any woman can ask herself and answer honestly in a dialogue with the mirror: Am I happy with what I do? What is the reason why I exist? What do I really want? What is the path you would like to travel? Am I satisfied with the life that I lead? Am I acting in accordance with my purposes? “This is a form of self-analysis that lets you know if there are imbalances between your body, your mind, and your emotions. This will be the first step towards what she truly wants; You must ask yourself if you lead a healthy life - you eat well, do sports - and if the way your relationships develop - family, as a couple, at work - satisfies you”.

An exercise that Carlos Enrique Lozano –coach certified by ICF, International Coach Federation- frequently proposes: “It is about an ‘existential scale ’that allows us to find reasons to continue living. It is applied by listing the positive and negative things in one's life. From there, depending on the results, the woman will identify the way to go. Coaching helps you strengthen yourself, make decisions and recognize harmful people in your life, among other things.

Latin women, in a high percentage, tend to put the desires of others before their own "because that is what they learned since they were little," they do not dare to say yes or no, although internally they wanted to do so, they live in fear: " When a woman becomes assertive and recovers her essence, she will find her place and abandon her frustrations. The coach will guide her and accompany her on that path of recognition, to loosen ties, make important decisions even when it involves leaving people and abandoning spaces and routines that have had a harmful influence on her life”.

Meeting the coach Carlos Lozano virtually is simple, through his blog where he awaits his readers with a smile.

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