Professional Mermaids and their Viral Accounts

Being a mermaid is not as glamorous as it seems. These professional entertainers do a lot of kid parties and corporate events. As flattering and beautiful as it looks from the outside, actually being a mermaid is a lot of work.

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Their eyes get red from the chlorine and saltwater, but they still need to look perfect in every show. Let's take a look at some of the most popular professional mermaid taking over Instagram.

Elle Jimenez

Elle has been in the mermaid business for four years. Before becoming a mermaid, she didn't know how to swim because she was terrified of the water. However, she overcame her fear and got swimming lessons and even a lifeguard certificate. Elle is also a mom. As a mythical creature representative, brings that magic into people's lives. In an interview with Allure revealed, "I have to take care, like really stretch my body. I do a lot of yoga and my breathing exercises". She also does dry events, which means she is doing meet and greets, taking pictures, and dressing up as a mermaid, while a wet event implies that she is doing a swimming show in water.


Attina is a professional mermaid in the Southern California area. She is an animal trainer and works with sea lions, which she describes as playful and funny. Attina uses her platform to promote her campaign, "Helping Heal The Sea"; she teaches her followers good habits for taking care of the planet. The entertainer is also part of other initiatives like going against body shaming. As mermaids are super skinny in fairy tales, the real-life ones struggle with this stereotype. Her Instagram is full of beautiful and artistic pictures. There is no doubt that she is one of the most popular mermaids out there.



Desea works at Spoonful of Sugar Ent, a company that brings storybook characters to life. She is a huge Disney geek. Desea got her first tail in the summer of 2018. One of her strengths as a character performer is getting more timid kids to engage and feel comfortable. Her understanding comes from her background in teaching and because she also has been a shy kid herself. Her journey started with a mermaid wishing stone from Mermaid Mist. She is Puerto Rican, and her name in Spanish means "wish." From a young age, she found the things that bring her vibrant red colors like connecting with her Puerto Rican culture and swimming with her closest friends.


Lexie is a full-time professional mermaid performer, artist, and alternative model. She is from Lille, a city in northern France. She had the honor to perform at the Planet Ocean World, one of the largest contemporary aquariums in Europe. She made a full tribute video clip of The Little Mermaid that went viral, a live-action underwater of the famous princess. Further than sharing high-quality content, she enjoys sharing her mermaid life and filling her profile with gorgeous pictures that resemble a mysterious but magnificent creature living in the deep of the ocean.


Celine is a professional mermaid performer since 2004. The Belgium entertainer always felt attracted to mermaid's most characteristic feature: their tail. For this reason, she makes her sequin tails. Her first tail was grey and painted neoprene. One of her favorites underwater photos is "birth of a mermaid," in which she is a fetal position in the middle of the dark. Celine graduated in acting, singing, and dancing and has been in some movies and musicals. When a fan asked her, "do you believe in real mermaids?" she replied, "I believe there's magic inside all of us, and we should cherish that."

These five real-life mermaids teach us that their work, more than being beautiful, is taking care of the ocean, making kids dream come true, and using their platform to spread love and magic. A true mermaid is kind to every living creature.

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