Revolutionary Threads as Artistic Expression

Victoria Villasana is a textile artist from Mexico who likes to mix history and tradition with pop culture and contemporary patterns.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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Victoria's art is inspired by historical movements, activists, and musicians. She was born in Guadalajara and later moved to London to work as a florist and fashion stylist.

The artist has always been interested in cultures and human nature. Victoria became known in the London street art scene for her multicultural imagery. She studied design at the ITESO University of Mexico.

Her pieces often pay tribute to women. For example, in one of her images, she shows the eyes of a woman with a powerful look as an act of hope. Then she will communicate that hopeful vision by honoring the eyes in the artwork. She will decorate the paper with colored embroidery floss and thread to create these beautiful colored patterns that hold the person in the photograph and spread them out. While an image is a finished image for most people, Victoria sees a space to fill with thread.

Finally, she takes these works of her and places them on the street to find her work by surprise. The pictures on the walls are not very large. They are simply hidden somewhere in public places for people to find.

"I don't want my art to be pretty. I like art that says something about our humanity," Victoria says in an interview with Water Aid.

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Through different colors, Victoria tries to individualize the person she is portraying so that the viewer feels connected on a more emotional level.

Victoria also enjoys portraying strong women with a lot of attitude, confidence and charisma. She adds, "It's like telling stories, with the thread. I think that's why I try not to control too much and let the image tell me what process, what movements and what flow."

Most of her images are black and white because she would add the color with the thread. As a result, the spirit of the person portrayed is kept alive in the image.

The most important part of your process for making these pieces is maintaining a playful attitude through exploration and curiosity while having fun.

As a child, her dream was to become an artist or fashion designer, and her current job is not far from that: she paints with thread and dresses her portraits with texture.

With some of her pieces, Victoria points to all the different topics she hears on the news to humanize the statistics. Using colors and patterns, she wants to bring the humanity of these faces with their stories to connect with reality on a more emotional level.

As soon as Victoria decorates the streets with her work of art, the surroundings finish the piece and people interact with it.

Victoria's art breaks routine and makes viewers question and see things in different ways.

"We have the power to change our daily choices. That is the message I want to say: be the change you want to see in the world," says Victoria

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