More footballers who did not live up to expectations

Many players decide to venture into new teams after achieving good performances. However, when they return they do not have the same level.

Ricardo Kaka and Pablo Aimar

These are some of the players who returned to the courts but did not meet expectations. / Photos: Wikimedia-Laslovarga, Wikimedia-Swleo

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English football is one of the most important on the planet. The appearance of competitive teams, a dynamic competition, good technical directors, and top-level players allow it to be a great show. Much more, of course, with the appearance of new figures who seek to improve the league even more.

This is what happens with the transfer of Bale to Tottenham, which, according to the La Nación website, returned “injured on loan from Real Madrid ”. That is, the link was made official until June 30, 2021, so the Welshman will try to regain his best level in the Premier League, with the team led by José Mourinho.

The return that, according to the La Tercera website, occurs "after 7 years" implies that fans have high expectations, not only to see the player who appeared in the squad a while ago, but also the improvement he had in the Spanish set. Knowing that he had ups and downs and recent injuries, we decided to find out the cases of players who had a return ... although it was not expected by everyone.

Kaka (Milan)

The Brazilian midfielder had dazzled the world during his time with the Italian team, where he won a wide variety of titles. There he had had a great level that allowed him in 2007 to be considered the best player in the world, obtaining the Ballon d'Or that later Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi would begin to compete for.

However, in 2009 he began his adventure at Real Madrid, a place where he could never show his best version again. This is why, according to the El País website, he returned to Milan in 2013, where he was very far from the performance he showed as a young man, so later he also returned to Brazilian São Paulo and ended his career at Orlando.

Javier Saviola (River)

The bunny Saviola managed to appear at an incredible level in the first team of River Plate. In Europe, he managed to reach a great level, which allowed him to roam around important teams.

It was clear, then, that at some point he would return to the Argentine team, something that ended up happening in 2015. Despite having won the Copa Libertadores and the Suruga Bank of that same year, the forward could never show his version of yesteryear, and never was a starter for Marcelo Gallardo. Goal's specialized website highlighted that the player admitted that it was not the retirement he had expected, since he played 17 games and did not score goals, although he achieved important things at the collective level.

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Gabriel Milito (Independent)

Gabriel Milito is considered an idol of the red devils. The left-handed defender, brother of former striker Diego Milito, had an excellent start at Independiente, where he stayed until 2003, at which point he decided to sign for Real Zaragoza. There he achieved an incredible performance, allowing him to go to FC Barcelona, where he conquered everything at the hands of Guardiola, although without having a fixed place in the line-ups.

His injuries made him a rather irregular player, although with unquestionable skill. Therefore, in 2011 he decided to return to the club of his loves, which motivated the fans, who expected to see some of his learning in Europe. However, after a year and at the young age of 31, he reported his retirement, given that, according to El Grafico, he was "mentally exhausted" due to injuries that prevented him from returning to his best level.

Pablo Aimar (River)

The most incredible case on this list. The midfielder had had a stellar appearance in River Plate, a team in which he was between 1996 and 2000, at which point he decided to move to Valencia. His performances even made the 20 Minutes website say that he was "Messi's idol".

Therefore, after a fruitful stay in Europe, everyone awaited his arrival at the club of his loves, in 2015, also led by Marcelo Gallardo. However, his return was more symbolic than anything else, since, according to the specialized media TyC Sports, he only played 45 minutes of a game and did not get more minutes.

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