The coaches of the main sports with the most championships won

We present you the managers with the most titles in the top categories of the most followed sports in the world .

Alex Ferguson and Phil Jakcson

These coaches have won the most titles in their respective sports. / Photos: Flickr / Andrea Sartorati, Flickr / Keith Allison

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No matter the sport, being a coach implies much more than directing, whoever occupies this position must know how to maneuver together with their work team and the players, since to find maximum performance they need to handle the tactics that best suit their athletes and club budget, achieve a personal relationship with the players and work on their individualities to get the whole team to associate, for this reason the role of a coach or manager is multiple, from looking for the best form of play that adapts to the team and depends on of the rival until having a healthy personal relationship with everyone around him, keeping the entire squad motivated and supporting them on and off the pitch.

Although he belongs to a “big” team, the coaches will also have to deal with pressure from the press and the fans as well as with the winning history of the club, for all these reasons it is never easy for any coach to lead his team to win titles. since these imply constancy and continuous improvements in the game. However, these four coaches have managed to position themselves as the most champions of their sport and in the highest category of the discipline, know who they are:

Alex Ferguson - Soccer

We start with the sport with the most fans worldwide, among the disciplines mentioned, football is perhaps the one that gives the most opportunities to win a title, since the same club can play up to three championships per season, between league, national cup , continental cups and other championships derived from other titles. For example, the winner of the Copa Libertadores has access to play the Club World Cup, for this reason this coach has more trophies than the rest of the list, who is it? It is about a historical figure in this sport, Alex Ferguson.

The 78-year-old retired Scottish coach is not only recognized for his number of titles but for having coached the English club Manchester United for 26 years, where he managed and "discovered" great stars, one of them Cristiano Ronaldo. Before United, Ferguson led some Scottish clubs and the national team itself, in total he won 49 championships, highlighting 2 Champions League, 13 English leagues and a Club World Cup among many other titles, according to the TN newspaper.

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Joe McCarthy - Baseball

One of the most important sports on the American continent, especially in Caribbean countries and of course in the United States, where the most competitive league of baseball is played, such as Major League Baseball (MLB). In this case, the most champion manager in the Major Leagues goes back between the 30s and 40s, when Joe McCarthy won 7 World Series with the New York Yankees, four of those trophies he got consecutively between 1936 and 1939, and Although McCarthy managed other teams such as the Chicago Cubs and the Boston Red Sox, he only won all the titles in the Yankees, in total McCarthy spent 24 seasons as a manager in the MLB and despite never being a professional player, he understood enough the baseball to be the top winner , according to ESPN.

Phil Jackson - Basketball

Many remember the "dynasty" during the 90s in which the Chicago Bulls were invincible with the mythical Michael Jordan among their ranks, but to lead a great team you needed a great coach and Phil Jackson was, the American coach reaped a total of 11 NBA championships, the highest category of world basketball, 6 of them he obtained with the Chicago Bulls, the last with this team he achieved in 1998, where he would leave the team to take a year off, he returned for the 1999 season -2000 this time to lead the Los Angeles Lakers with the star Kobe Bryant, where he would show that he had not lost his magic and would be champion that year and the next, they would spend about 5 seasons without winning anything until the 2008-2009 season, where he would get his tenth championship and the following year he would win the last, 2011 would be the end of his legacy after announcing his retirement after 20 seasons, 13 finals and 11 titles , according to Hispanos NBA.

Bill Belichick - American Football

As in the style of Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan, Belichick and Tom Brady did their thing in the National Football League (NFL), for this reason they both hold the record for the most Super Bowls won, one as a coach and the other as a player for the New England Patriots , with a total of 6 Super Bowls obtained since 2000 when Belichick was hired to the present, although the American coach participated in two other Super Bowls with the New York Giants in 1987 and 1991 where the team was champion but at that time he was working as an assistant. Bill Belichick is the only one on the list who continues as an active coach so his record could be extended, according to Nación Deportes.

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