5 documentaries that give you a new perspective on climate change

These videos will help you understand climate change a little better and the actions you can take as an individual .

Still from the documentary 'Our Planet'

These documentaries will help you raise awareness about climate change. / Photo: YT-Netflix

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The true cost (2015)

To understand the truths behind climate change, we must enter the world of mass production. This documentary uses not only natural resources, but also human resources. This work directed by Andrew Morgan and released in 2015 shows how the fashion industry has used both resources, exploiting them irresponsibly.

It explores the term " fast fashion ", which refers to mass and accelerated production and compare it to the term " slow fashion " which, on the contrary, seeks to make the industry more aware of the consequences that there may be so much for the environment and for work worthy of a human being.


Cowspiracy: The Secret of Sustainability (2014)

In this documentary directed by Kip Andersen, Keegan Kuhn shows the environmental impact of one of the largest industries on the planet: livestock . In addition, it explores the policies of many environmental organizations regarding this, showing that there is very little interest in denouncing the impact it has on climate change.

In order to give viewers an option with which they can contribute to the solution, Kip Andersen, also the protagonist of the documentary, shows us how he decided to follow a vegan diet while interviewing people who are immersed in the livestock industry or who they seek to lead a more sustainable life from veganism and responsible consumption .


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2040 (2019)

Starting from showing his 4-year-old daughter Velvet what the future would be like if every part of society does its part to curb climate change, Australian director Damon Gameau gives a more positive vision of the future.

Gameau takes us on a trip around the world showing us which are those initiatives and people who are leading a positive change, stating that a lot can be done if each individual does their part, but also making it very clear that if the administrations and the large industries do not change their patterns, this future will be unlikely.

The impact that 2040 has had from a more positive vision has been very great. Since its premiere, it has managed to raise more than 800,000 thousand dollars that are invested in solar energy , in addition to encouraging people around the world to sign up as volunteers in the Climate Foundation organization.

In this way, the future Gameau dreams of for his daughter is a little more possible.


Our planet (2019)

This Netflix original documentary series focuses on showing us the beautiful place we call home while encouraging us to become more aware of what we are losing to climate change.

From wondrous nature scenes showing us the most remote or fragile places and endangered species , this eight-part series, Sir David Attenborough draws attention to the need to act now.


Broken (2019)

This four-episode documentary series explores the environmental impact of some products that we consume every day, such as makeup , vaporizers , furniture and plastic.

In many ways, this series denounces not only the industries and brands that work behind these products, but also the imaginary of the consumer who does not think about the effects that their purchases and daily life can have.

It is an incredible way of seeing how from our individuality we are contributing or not to curbing climate change, at the same time that we can be aware that behind them are giant industries and governments from whom we must demand clean and responsible consumption policies, both with nature as with the dignity of human beings.


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