Sustainable Christmas gifts

We give you some ideas so that you can enjoy giving gifts to your friends and family in a conscious and environmentally friendly way.

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After a very unusual year due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Christmas must be lived in an unusual way. With this historical fact, it became very clear that we must be more aware of the way we consume, so whether you go to see some of your family and friends or send them gifts, we leave you some sustainable gift ideas.

Sustainable kitchen utensils

If you want to give something that is useful and at the same time sustainable, we recommend this option. Normally in the kitchen, plastic utensils are used that can easily stain, burn, or be damaged, this implies that more are bought again and that there is more plastic consumption.

Silicone, although it is not biodegradable, is an inert material that, unlike plastic, does not give off toxic substances. In this way, if it ends up in a natural environment, this material will not pose a danger to it. Still, it is very important to understand that silicone requires a specific treatment at the end of its useful life, so it is very important to make sure it is taken to a place where it will be used properly.

In addition, silicone utensils are a perfect gift, as they tend to look more elegant, you can choose between several colors, they are easier to clean and they are more durable and resistant.

Secondhand clothes

In case you want to give a garment as a gift but it is out of your budget to buy in a store that does not do fast fashion, we recommend buying in a second-hand store. These, contrary to popular belief, have very good quality clothing, and you may even find yourself with a unique garment that would normally cost a fortune.

In addition, these stores can be found both physically and digitally. For example, on Instagram, there are hundreds of accounts that sell second-hand and vintage clothing.

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Also, if you have the opportunity to meet with your friends and family under all security measures, you can do a Christmas exchange of clothes, in this way everyone could renew their closet, contribute to a more sustainable lifestyle and have a fun time .

Mini garden

If the person you plan to give a gift to is a plant lover, you could give them a small home garden. This, in addition to being beautiful, will be very useful. To do it you must have a wooden guacal, a black plastic bag, soil to sow, and sprouts of the herbs or vegetables that you want to put in the garden.

To make it even easier, you can plant bay leaf, basil, coriander, and oregano. These types of plants are extremely easy to care for.

If crafts and plants are not your things, there are many places where you can have them made, even if there is a nursery near your house you can ask to put it together there.

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