Trying to Get Pregnant? This APP May Help You

Trying to Get Pregnant? This APP May Help You

Sylvia Kang is the CEO and co-founder of Mira, a company that uses technology to help older women to have children.

Sylvia Kang is the CEO and co-founder of Mira, a company that uses technology to help older women to have children.

Mira's founder, Sylvia Kang, was born in Chengdu, China. She majored in music and won awards for her piano performances. However, Sylvia also studied bioengineering and earned her MBA at Cornell University in New York.

Mira is the fertility tracker that helps women to know better about themselves. The device also shows if the woman has hidden conditions that are interfering with her pregnancy.

Sylvia wants to help women in their mid-30s to get pregnant. Many women get in vitro fertilization (IVF), which costs a lot of money and is painful physically. The doctor has to inject those hormones and doing multiple cycles to extract the egg. This treatment is complicated and not easy to access for all women.

Kang told Fertility Answers, "our hormones work together, so they are like a symphony. Every piece is a musical instrument, and they have to play together to have this beautiful pattern, and our body will function normally."

However, she highlights that the most important one is the luteinizing hormone (LH). That hormone increase is about 12 to 24 hours before the ovulation, so that will give the woman her peak 48 days. The LH hormone release is the most fertile time. The second most important hormone is Estrogen.

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"Estrogen is overlapping with your fertile window, which is great. The fertile window is about four to five days before the ovulation, and that's because the sperm can get into a woman's body if the mucus and sperm quality is good can wait there until the egg is fertilized," says Kang.

Estrogen will increase when the fertile window is about to start. Another important hormone is progesterone, which increases after ovulation is finished, which is very important to women trying to avoid pregnancy.

"All these three hormones should give you a great spectrum about what's going on in your body, and that's what Mira is aiming to test," the CEO explains.

How Mira Works

Mira works testing women's urine samples. Once they insert this test into the analyzer, the fertility tracking will read their hormone concentration down to a number. Mira's App will transfer those numbers to the App automatically. On the App, women can see their hormone curve and their stats compared with the last cycle.

The App will interpret the number for you and will tell you what to do. It will also let you know how fertile you are at the time and if you have any underline conditions. "We are really trying to preserve hospital quality of testing to the convenience of women's home and in a way that's understandable," explains Kang.

Mira provides women accurate data and monitors their hormone patterns. Through the App, the user can get ovulation predictions thanks to this fertility tracker.

Certain conditions do impact the timing in which a woman wants to have a baby. Women have the right to know exactly what's happening to their bodies since each one is different. Sylvia Kang helps women track their fertility window and tell them if hidden conditions are detected by hormones that do not allow the conception to be successful.

With this advanced and convenient technology, women in their mid-30s or about can feel motivated to make their dreams to become a mother true. 

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