Is the Latino era beginning in the United States?

With the arrival of Joe Biden, an important space opens up for several minorities in the United States, including the Latino.

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With the arrival of Biden, the changes are already noticeable, especially with concrete policies and symbolic measures for the Latino community. / Photo: Pexels

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Joe Biden is now officially the 46th president of the United States. He replaces the controversial Republican, Donald Trump, and it is expected that under the new administration there will be a new deal with Latinos inside and outside the United States.

Trump has had, since his campaign, a strong speech against illegal migration, mainly of Latinos from the southern border. This is why one of his main promises with which he reached the White House was the construction of a wall that divides the United States from Mexico. This caused great rejection by several Latinos.

It also prevented the defense of the so-called "dreamers", young migrants (mostly Latino) who had arrived when they were minors and who seek to regulate their situation in the country.

Additionally, his refusal to use the Spanish language as a method of communication with the resident Spanish-speaking population was a sign of the nationalist policy that he promoted for several years. So much so, that the White House website stopped using its Spanish version during the Trump period.

However, the New Yorker had considerable support within the Latino community. Mainly, in Florida, where there are a large number of refugees from the regimes of Venezuela and Cuba.

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Precisely, before finishing his 4 years, Trump ordered to stop the expulsion of Venezuelans for the next 18 months, as long as they have not committed crimes. In a statement from the Department of State and Internal Security, “The deteriorating conditions in the interior of Venezuela, which represent a national threat to the security and well-being of the people, advise stopping the expulsion of Venezuelan nationals who are currently in U.S"

Biden, another environment

But with the arrival of Biden, the changes are already noticeable, especially with regard to concrete policies and symbolic measures for the Latino community. First of all, in the inauguration of the new president, one of the invited artists was the New York singer with Puerto Rican roots, Jennifer López. While singing "This Land is Your Land" by Woody Guthine, she sent a message in Spanish: "one nation under God, indivisible, with freedom and justice for all."

It was also known that the new president had a bust of César Chávez, a union leader of Latino descent who starred in the fight for decent work for agricultural workers (mostly Latino) on the southern border.

Additionally, there are also several Latino appointments to the administration. Such is the case of Alejandro Mayorkas (born in Cuba) in the Ministry of National Security and Xavier Becerra (son of Mexicans) in the Ministry of Health , possibly two of the most relevant portfolios in the current landscape.

In terms of specific policies, according to the television network, CBS, sources from the Biden administration will pass to congress "a proposal that allows millions of undocumented immigrants in the country to apply for legal status; increase the sending of aid to Central America; refocus border control measures and expand legal migration. " Within this, it is known that the Pennsylvania-born politician stated that "not one more foot of the wall will be built under my administration," although he did say whether he would destroy any specific section.

For all these proposals to pass, he must have the support in Congress, where his party controls the House and has a slight advantage in the Senate, from which he will need the support of all Democratic senators.

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