Benefits for Girls and Women from Biden's Administration

Two women, Jennifer Klein and Julissa Reynoso, who have extensive experience in the fight for gender equality, will chair the council.

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With the electoral triumph of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris in the presidency and vice presidency of the United States, not only was it possible to awaken the hope of a more united and consolidated democratic system in the northern country.

However, it represents the beginning of an era where women will have greater benefits and the rights for which they have fought so hard will be consolidated.

In this sense, it is pertinent to analyze what are the plans of that administration to restore the rights of women and girls, in order to reverse the effects caused by 4 years of a government with little empathy towards them.

The Problems to Face

Although it seems a lie, in December, the loss of jobs in the United States represented 100% of the female gender; this puts into context the employment discrimination environment in that society. This epidemic has devastated women, especially African American women.

In addition to this problem, domestic violence increased to the detriment of girls and women. Long before the pandemic began, the Trump administration was working to remove protections for women and minorities to restrict access to reproductive health services, making it difficult for survivors of sexual violence to survive.

By 2020, American women have lost more than 5 million jobs. During this time, young mothers are three times more likely to lose their jobs than men, representing a structural problem in which the federal government and the state governments of the United States must intervene.


The Plan: Gender Policy Council

In this sense, the government led by Joe Biden and Kamala Harris has decided to take some concrete steps: on Tuesday, the president-elect and the vice president announced the formation of the White House Committee on Gender Policy, which aims to that the team calls "the whole-of-government approach" to improving the rights of girls and women in the United States and the world, and restoring the United States as a champion for girls and women's rights.

Two women, Jennifer Klein and Julissa Reynoso, who have extensive experience in the fight for gender equality, will chair the council. According to a press release issued by the new government, the board "will guide and coordinate government policies that affect women and girls, covering a wide range of topics such as economic security, health care, racial justice, violence, gender, and political cooperation between various committees.

Previous presidential governments have established women's affairs councils. However, Biden and Harris are the only ones to call it a Gender Policy Council, presumably to solve the unique issues facing non-binary, transgender, and bisexual people.

This is undoubtedly a historic step in the fight for women's rights since it would represent the end of an era of feminist discourses where women's rights were fought without considering ethnic, cultural, and gender differences.

Likewise, it represents an enormous show of commitment on the part of these new leaders of the White House, since they have begun to fight for such fundamental rights at the beginning of their administration, being that previous governments avoided these gender issues for fear of that there were negative electoral consequences. There is plenty of time to look at this new paradigm of politics from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris but they have started right to uphold these principles.

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