The Details Behind Taylor Swift's New Re-Recorded Album: Fearless

Taylor Swift's new re-recorded song Love Story (Taylor's Version) is now available to stream on Spotify, Youtube, and Apple Music.

The Woman Post | Valentina Ibarra

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On the night of February 10th, rumors about the re-recording of Fearless, Taylor Swift’s second album studio, started to move in social media. A screenshot from Shazam showed the new version of her 2008 iconic song Love Story being available with the signature “Taylor’s Version.” On the morning of February 11th, she confirmed that at midnight the song will be available on all streaming platforms and the album -with 6 never heard before songs- is rumored to be released on April 9th, given a secret message left by the artist in her publication about the album.

The re-recordings do not come as a surprise, as she announced in August 2019 that as soon as she got the rights to re-do her songs, she would begin immediately to work on it. Her contract specified that as soon as November 2020 she could record albums one to five -Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, and 1989- all over again. Her sixth and last album with Big Machine Records, Reputation, is still unavailable to record until 2022. But why is she re-recording her discography after the commercial success of her brand-new albums? Well, it has to be with the right to own her own work.


When she was fourteen, the Big Machine Records owner Scott Borchetta signed Taylor Swift and proceeded to work with her for the next decade. After 6 albums and millions of sold-out copies, stadiums, and merchanting, Taylor Swift decided to leave and signed with Universal Music Group, but her former record company remained with the rights of her previous work. In 2019, Scooter Braun purchased Big Machine Records, which included the masters of Taylor's six albums.

She proceeded to go public on her frustration, as she did not have the opportunity to buy her own work. Especially considering the bullying she allegedly received from Braun. The fight went on for a couple of weeks, as Taylor Swift denounced that they were keeping her from performing the old songs in her own documentary and in the American Music Awards. They offered her to buy her own music after a re-sell happened, but she refused because Scooter Braun still had part of the shares from the albums. The decision was settled: all Taylor Swift's Big Machine albums are going to be re-recorded. And now, she will have the right to decide how her music will be used, giving permission to movies or TV shows, something she really wants to do.

People tried to villainize Taylor, accusing her of greed and extreme ambition for fighting and asking for the rights to her music. After the work, soul, and time invested in her life’s work, it is unfair that she loses all to a man who bullied her during the creation of the albums. I stand with women who fight for their deserved earnings, who know their own value, and would not let people walk over them.

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