Singing Helps Us for Our Health and Makes Us Happier

From singing off-key in a car to singing on top of your lungs in the shower, using your voice musically can bring tremendous benefits for your health.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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Singing brings many benefits to your body, such as making you feel good, boosting your mood, relieving anxiety, and stimulating multiple parts of the brain. Let's take a closer look at each of these advantages.

It Releases Endorphins

These are feel-good hormones because they boost our mood and make us happy. Singing truly impacts our emotional well-being. Indeed, Goethe University Frankfurt's scientists affirm that singing increases antibodies and the immunoglobulin, an antibody that protects against infections.

May Reduce Stress Levels

The Royal College of Music's Centre for Performance Science has previously conducted research that demonstrates the positive benefits of engaging with music. One of these benefits suggests that "classical music reduces stress for the listeners and the musicians." The tempo of this genre appears to be in tune with the human heart. As a result, people have lower stress levels, lower blood pressure, and a spark in their creativity.


Increases Empathy

It's possible that listening to music increases empathy and respect for other cultures. Genres of music are made up of people bringing their experiences to music. Also, singing in other languages is a good exercise for the brain that boosts our memory.

Makes Us Happier

When you are in a situation where singing is not a source of pressure, like, for example, a significant competition, it can help you to feel more relaxed and confident. Those times that you spend with friends and family at the karaoke are worth it. What's even better is that singing together makes us happier.

During an interview about the physical and psychological benefits of singing, the musician and professor Guadalupe Becker told Paula Magazine, "We are all born willing to sing and develop our voice. However, stereotypes and cultural demands diminish this capacity in many people, who say 'I don't sing even in the shower' or 'I sing badly.' Still, it is something as natural as talking. Therefore we can all sing."

Singing has to do with feeling, not listening. The act of singing itself is what makes us feel good, not how our voices sound.

Using your voice does not depend on the style you want to sing. Neither if the voice is more or less pleasant, nor the social group to which you belong, the age, the language in which it is sung. It doesn't matter the country of origin. It is the act of singing itself, emitting a voice with a melodic content, which produces these benefits in our physical and mental health.

Our voice is one of the oldest instruments that we have to communicate with our environment. Singing it's as natural for our bodies as talk. It's not about having a fantastic voice but using it. If you don't feel comfortable making music alone, you can join a chorus or a crowd in a concert. Singing is not only a joy for our ears but all our bodies.

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