Tips To Boost the Power of Your Brain

There is a high potential little explored in women that make them more talented to be leaders, due to their capacity for empathy.

The Woman Post | Blanca Mery Sanchez

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The female and male brains evolved differently and contrary to what was believed in the past, there is a high potential little explored in women that make them more talented to be leaders, due to their capacity for empathy, ease of social functioning, verbal communication, and fluently bodily and think with a cool head in moments of tension to solve complex problems, among many others. This does not mean that they are superior to men, only that they have an evolutionary advantage when it comes to strategic issues.

A clear example is a 4-year-old boy and girl playing, the tendency is for the girl who wants to lead the game, select what to do, and even "take out of the game" people she does not consider to her liking, while the boys are much more submissive. With the passage of time, the girl begins to live within the cultural parameters of the “feminine” and the “masculine” and this makes her leader's behavior by nature become opaque and is replaced with a more submissive one.

If girls are brought up with flexible standards in which they can be and do whatever they want, they will activate their brain that is designed to do wonderful things like:

-Better regulate stress thanks to having a larger temporal lobe which facilitates strategic thinking.

-Greater creativity thanks to having many more neural networks than men.


-The sixth sense or as we say in neuroscience a larger and more active insula which is related to empathy, emotional awareness, and the interpretation of body language which together are fantastic to lead.

However, if you are a middle-aged woman who did not know that you were that powerful, do not worry I already tell you how you can activate your brain to be an improved version.

Give Up Multitasking, This Is a Myth

Every time you try to multitask your brain suffers and deteriorates reducing your intelligence by 17%. Neuroscientists at the Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience at University College London scanned the brains of several people who routinely multitasked and found that those who spent time on multiple devices at the same time (texting while in meetings or watching television, for example), had less brain density in the anterior cingulate cortex. The area responsible for empathy, emotional control, and related to "decreased cognitive performance."

Learn New Things

Find a topic that can help you grow in the area you prefer and dedicate ten minutes to it for two weeks until you have a basic level of knowledge with this you create new neural networks and activate memory and attention.

Stimulate Calm

Meditate, pray, practice mindfulness just by taking pauses between ten and twenty minutes you will see how you feel more focused and with this more strategic.

The challenge now is yours, only practice will allow you to take advantage of what nature has given you.

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