Towards True Happiness

To be happy that desire that we have pursued as humanity for so many years and that many times we see very far from our possibilities.

The Woman Post | Blanca Mery Sanchez (@soyblancamery)

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Studies regarding our ability to modify the level of happiness in our lives are becoming more and more forceful and as a lover of science I want to share a 5-step plan to increase your happiness in three weeks, this mini-program is based on positive psychology that it is the science that is dedicated to studying the optimal performance of human beings. I propose something to you, review each step and try it without expectations, only with the interest of seeing what happens when you do what is proposed.

Step 1 Where am I? I invite you to visit the page of the University of Pennsylvania where you will find many free tests to know yourself a little more, take the one you like the most and remember your result for the next step.

Step 2 How is my happy version on a good day? What activities do I do? How much energy do I feel? Define any day of the week and do those activities and see what happens to your mood.


Step 3 Activate gratitude: Every night before going to bed, think about what good things you experienced and what you are grateful fo. If you write them it is more powerful, and just before going to sleep remember the best of your day.

Step 4 Stop. Spending ten minutes of your day consciously breathing, meditating, or coloring this space in your mind helps you overcome rumination of thoughts that overwhelm and stress you.

Step 5 be generous: choose a person each day to help or do something good for (without being asked) can be from giving up the seat on the bus to a stranger or listening empathically.

The above micro steps modify your neurotransmitters and make you feel more empowered to increase your happiness by moving forward naturally by making the enjoyment of positive emotions natural.

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