Did You Know About All the Benefits of Meditation?

Did You Know About All the Benefits of Meditation?

Several studies confirm the importance of meditation.

Several studies confirm the importance of meditation.

The benefits of meditation in the study and learning process, both physically, mentally and emotionally, are many. Today these benefits have been endorsed by different scientific studies generating that the practice of different meditation techniques has increased among people of all ages.

Meditation to Encourage Study and Learning

The study published by the journal Psychiatry Research, Neuroimaging, which reviews the website of the IV Brazilian Congress of Mindfulness, is part of the numerous investigations that have been carried out worldwide. Its objective is to establish what happens in the brain of a person when he is meditating.

This study reveals that a person who practices meditation for 15 to 30 minutes a day for eight weeks, manages to significantly increase the density of gray matter. This increase improves memory and reduces stress, among other benefits. Gray matter is found especially in the hippocampus area, which is a fundamental area for learning processes and memory, so it can favor study.

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The psychology portal Nuts and Neurons analyzes how a study conducted in New York by the Immer Resilience Program found that meditation helped teachers maintain order and that they could capture the attention of students. While in the student, frustration decreases and the ability to work independently increases.

In this same article, psychologist Mark Greenberg from the Penn State School of Health and Human Development indicates the effects of meditation on children. Mark explains that after a study it was found that meditation in children can reduce worry, as well as better manage their emotions. Mark concluded that meditation can improve the study and learning process in children.

General Benefits of Meditation

In the article of the IV Brazilian Congress of Mindfulness, other benefits of meditation are mentioned, among them:

-Reduces the level of stress and anxiety.

-Significantly improves the ability to concentrate and the ability to concentrate.

-It allows you to sleep better by reducing some of the factors that can cause insomnia, such as stress and worry.

-It helps the person to know himself better and to find inner tranquility.

-Increase empathy and improve social relationships.

-It causes people to increase their tolerance for pain.

-It increases memory and learning, which favors all aspects related to study and learning.

-Increase positive thoughts.

Studies conducted by Dr. Sara Lazar of Massachusetts General Hospital and reviewed by Scientific American magazine on her website, show interesting data. The study affirms that people who meditate manage to increase the density of gray matter in the different brain structures that intervene in learning and memory, among other functions.

Meditation also slows the rate of thinning in the brain area that influences complex behaviors, such as decision-making. Another effect of meditation is at the hormonal level, since it has been established that it reduces the levels of cortisol in the blood. This substance is related to stress and causes the ability to memorize and learn to be reduced, which affects the study process.

Just by meditating for 15 to 30 minutes a day you can reap the full benefits of meditation. It improves not only emotions in the case of women, but also memory, the ability to concentrate and the decision-making process. All this influences the study and learning process.

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