Pixar Series That Can Inspire You and Your Children To Be Entrepreneurs

Pixar movies are not just some of the best-animated films of the 21st century; some of them are probably entrepreneurs' favorite movies ever.

The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

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For decades, Pixar movies have been revolutionizing animation and storytelling. All of these films seem to have some social commentary or life lesson written into the story. Let's take a look at the most valuable lessons from these films for entrepreneurs.

A Bug's Life

A Bug's Life teaches us to listen to creative ideas to solve big world problems. Inventors and innovators may have crazy-sounding ideas, but those ideas coupled with leadership and vision can be used to break barriers and stop cycles of inefficiency.

Starting a business with an unusual idea may bring concerned faces from others. However, there's always a hidden value in things that are different. An entrepreneur everyday needs to come up with innovative ideas to solve all kinds of situations. A Bug's Life is a story that helps us understand the importance of trusting in ourselves and our teammates to make a change in our community.

Monsters, Inc.

Monsters, Inc.'s lesson is simple: people fear what they do not understand. This lesson is creatively portrayed in the film by the bravest monsters, who scare children only because they believe the children are toxic and don't understand how harmless they really are. "Differences" do not equal "dangerous."

Entrepreneurs constantly need to evolve and adapt to the circumstances. However, many times the panorama is so uncertain that it's challenging to take the first step. Listening to our inner voice and overcoming fear will help businesses to be more resilient and prosperous.

The Incredibles

One of the best superhero movies of all time, The Incredibles uses a mid-life crisis to hide a story about being the best version of yourself. Because everyone has their own superpower in their own way, and we shouldn't hold them back from using their talents for the forces of good.


Leading a team requires using our talent to shape other's skills. Being the best version of ourselves and doing our best every day will bring its fruits. Hard work pays off.


The film teaches us how to be humble and willing to learn. You may be the best at a particular skill, but that's no reason to feel entitled. Life is about continuously learning something new from the people you meet and the unique situations you encounter as well as using what you've learned to be adaptable.

Starting a new project requires a learner's set of mind. Asking for advice and showing interest in others' experiences is crucial for entrepreneurs. Being blinded by the success of a business can put the future of the project at risk. Instead of only enjoying the good news, outstanding entrepreneurs prepare themselves for the problems to come and don't take anything for granted.


Ratatouille is about learning to overcome bias and accepting unconventional challenges. No one would ever imagine letting a rat into the kitchen since it's a symbol of filth, poor hygiene, and disease. But the film smartly helps us humans see past our biases and buck convention.

This can happen in real life when, for example, a woman works in a male-dominated industry. In this case, having an open mind and showing colleagues a positive and persistent attitude help female entrepreneurs to overcome biases at work.

Movies are a great source of inspiration. If you are thinking of starting a new business or you have a friend who is an entrepreneur, share your favorite movies with them and discuss the life lessons that they have taught you. A good professional should always be a good human being with solid values, great ethics, and always craving to learn new things. Pixar is a sincere voice that always finds entertaining ways to inspire us and make us go after our dreams.

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