A Man Who Occupies a Position Never Mentioned Before

A Man Who Occupies a Position Never Mentioned Before

In his plans is not to remain in the shadow of his wife Kamala Harris, vice president of the United States. 

In his plans is not to remain in the shadow of his wife Kamala Harris, vice president of the United States. Doug shines with his own light and already has a large group of followers on social networks.

As one would say colloquially in some Latin countries, Douglas Emhoff, husband of the vice president of the United States, Kamala Harris, is “blessed among women” and this is because he is the first second gentleman of that country.

The Harris-Emhoff couple had their first blind date in a meeting coordinated by a friend of the vice president. He is an attorney, specialist in corporate law, and when they met seven years ago, she was the California attorney general. Their courtship lasted barely a year.

It was twelve months of adjustments, Emhoff began to date a woman whose schedule had to accommodate love. Emails and messages came and went, but Harris was careful to keep the relationship away from events to avoid media speculation. She is careful, she was not going to go on the arm of a man without being clear that she was "the man"! In 2014, in the courts of Santa Barbara, California, the marriage was made official. Harris claims that she loves her husband's patience, for her it is fun and she likes the recipes he prepares.


Stepmother no, Momala yes

Kamala arrived without children or unions prior to the marriage with Doug but, from the beginning, she wove cordial relationships with Cole and Ella, two teenagers born of Emhoff's union with Kerstin Emhoff, a film producer. Their divorce occurred 6 years before the current vice president and the first second gentleman met.

Cole and Ella, who were not satisfied with calling Harris a “stepmother,” nicknamed her “Momala,” a title that she has told the media is more valuable than all the positions she may have held in public instances. Kerstin also joined the winning team as she participated in the election campaign for Joe Biden and Kamala Harris.

Little by little, Doug Emhoff, has left the life of a successful lawyer in private work spheres to enter the public sphere through social networks and speeches. He has confessed fear of lack of experience but has managed to get away with it and today he has his own group of fans who have called themselves "Doug Hive" and distinguishes themselves with the #DougHive.

Doug has his own story

– Born in New York and raised in New Jersey.

– He is the son of Michael Emhoff, shoe designer, and Barbara Kanser, nurse.

– He and his siblings, Jamie and Andy, grew up respecting and following the dogmas of Judaism.

– Cupid had a crush on him when he met Kamala Harris to such an extent that he rushed to make an inventory of his free time in order to enjoy the meetings.

– After his first date, he sent today's vice president such a cheesy message that she kept it and, amused, they hear it together on every wedding anniversary.

– His son Cole says that Doug and Kamala are living on an eternal honeymoon.

– He visited the Library of Congress of the United States to review the trajectory of all the second ladies to understand their role. Doug aspires not to be the first second gentleman.

– He is a professor at Georgetown University but, during Kamala Harris' tenure as vice president, he has announced his commitment to causes such as human rights, equality, and justice.

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