4 Things To Consider Before Placing A Parent In A Nursing Home

Deciding to place a parent in a nursing home isn’t an easy decision to make.

Rachel Diaz

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You'd feel guilty, worried, and hesitant, sometimes even feeling unsure of your decision because it makes you think you’re neglecting your responsibility as their child. But when caring for them is already requiring a demanding level of round-the-clock supervision, it might be time to acknowledge the fact that you’re no longer the right person to provide them with what they need.

You're not alone in this predicament. Every day, people make the same decision as you do, go through the same ordeal, and eventually choose the best option available: the nursing home. Because at the end of the day, it’s the welfare and best interests of your parent that you ultimately want.

Choosing A Nursing Home For Your Parent

Placing their parent in a care facility isn’t exactly the kind of resolution that any child would want to be making for their elders. This is why a lot of families and children tend to delay the judgment until they’re faced with something tragic that forces them to decide once and for all.

It's still not too late to make peace with your intention to make your parent’s life better, safer, and potentially happier. Among the first steps you could take is to do your research extensively when choosing a nursing home for them. Start by reading helpful resources that could enlighten you on the benefits of nursing home placement for your loved one.

Once you’re armed with the right information and research, you’ll know that you’re doing the right thing, which is to entrust their care and welfare to people who are more capable, skilled, and trained for the job. Additionally, you could take note of the following things to consider before placing your parent in a nursing home:

  1. The Involvement Of Your Parent In The Process

If your elder still has the ability to involve themselves in the process, do so without hesitation. It’s important to be sensitive to what they feel and how they’re coping with everything that’s been happening. It’s best to make them feel you’re not making the decision all by yourself, especially if they’re still in an amicable state to contribute to the decision-making.

Also, if there are other family members who can be involved in the planning, make sure they feel valued and that their opinions also matter.

  1. Local Nursing Homes To Visit

Before choosing which facility would be best for your parent, you should take some time first to visit several nursing homes in your area. You can take your mom or dad along if they’re willing so they can be involved in making the selection.

As you evaluate each nursing home, try to pay attention to some factors that could affect your decision. Look into the facilities and amenities of the place. Is it close enough to your home so you can regularly visit your loved one? How are the living quarters, and what activities or therapies are available in the center? These are just some of the things to ask and observe.

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  1. Funding

Another thing to consider is where your funding for the move will be coming from. If your parent has set aside a part of their savings for such a decision, find out if that’ll be enough to cover everything. If not, look for any government support or coverage that could help you out.

Just as how the whole family contributed to the process of selecting and deciding, it’s also expected that everyone will pitch in with the financial responsibility involving the nursing home placement.

  1. End-Of-Life Recourse

This may not be something you’re open to discussing early on, but it’s a reality you’ll have to deal with at some point. Talking about end-of-life options can be a pressing matter, especially if your parent is chronically ill or has a medical condition that might get worse over time.

It’s important to talk about matters like this to make sure the nursing home will know what to do in case of emergency and they can’t reach anyone in the family. Ask your parent how they want to proceed in case something like that happens in the future. Ease them into the possibility while trying your best to make them feel they’re not alone through it all.

Final Words

There are so many considerations to look into before making a decision as life-altering as placing your parent in a nursing home. At the end of the day, you have to make peace with your plans and preparations. This is a reality of life that everyone has to accept. Your parent would appreciate it more if you put their welfare above all else.

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