Boost Your Health by Taking Time Off

Taking family vacations can have a long-lasting impact on your loved ones' happiness thanks to all the overall experiences and the memories those trips create.

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Taking time off from the daily responsibilities is a great way to recharge your body and clear your mind. Even though some vacations are more about doing activities in the family than resting, letting our body relax can bring many benefits to our health. For this reason, countless studies have been conducted to find out just how beneficial holidays actually are. Let's take a look at some of them.

Greater Well-Being

According to a Gallup study, people who "always make time for regular trips" had a feeling of better well-being than those who didn't travel as often. By quite a large margin, those who enjoyed frequent trips had an average score of 68.4 on the Gallup-Heathway's Well-Being Index, while those who stayed at home more often only scored about 51.4.

Lower Risk of Morbidity and Mortality

Gump and Matthews (2000) showed that not going on holiday is associated with a higher risk of morbidity and mortality. High blood pressure is a common health problem nowadays.

The researchers compared two different groups of people: Those who proceeded with their routine and those who went on holiday. The ones who took a rest decreased their blood pressure by an average of 6%. On the other hand, those who stayed home didn't see any decrease at all.


Good for Heart Health

It's not just blood pressure and stress which can be affected by taking vacations. The University of Pittsburgh undertook a study into heart health and its relationship with going on holiday. They studied approximately 9.000 men between the ages of 35 and 37 and kept an eye on them for nine years. All of the individuals studied were categorized as being at high risk for coronary heart disease.

It was found that the participants who didn't take a break at least once each year studied were categorized as being at high risk for coronary heart disease. The research also showed that participants who didn't take a break at least once each year were 32% more likely to die from a heart attack.

In conclusion, people lucky enough to afford to go on regular holidays will be rewarded with a better sense of well-being, lower blood pressure, less risk of dying from a heart attack, and a bunch of fantastic photos for social media.

Vacations help busy people hit refresh. Taking a break from work or school is always a great idea. The most important thing to have a perfect vacation is to break the routine. Additionally, spending time with your loved ones will help you take care of your mental health, especially in these COVID-19 times.

If you have a chance to travel and stay safe from the pandemic, don't doubt to take a well-deserved rest. After taking fresh air and resting your eyes from screens, you will feel how your mental health will thank you.

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