Infographic: Does the mandatory use of masks in schools really work?

With the return to the non-virtual model in schools, it is worth asking ourselves if the use of the mask is worth it or not.

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Now, things are changing again and presence is a fact that is closer and closer. Photo: LatinAmerican Post

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We are just months away from turning two years since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Since then, life and how we know it has constantly fluctuated and one of the biggest changes we have experienced is the transition from face-to-face to virtuality, which has been especially difficult for children, since the educational system, for the most part, is designed to be face-to-face.

Now, things are changing again and presence is a fact that is closer and closer. In several countries around the world, presence as a form of study has been adopted again, but always following biosafety regulations, which have also changed throughout the pandemic. One of the ones that has generated the most controversy, especially with the return to class in the classroom, is the use of the mask. This has happened especially in countries where a large part of the population has been vaccinated, such as the United States.

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Recently, in Miami there was a discussion around this, because in some of the schools that opened their doors to students, students and educational personnel were required to wear a mask at all times. Ron DeSantis, Republican and Governor of the State of Florida, has refused to impose the use of the mask because he considers it a threat to freedom of expression, so at the end of July this year he signed an executive order to prevent schools required this security measure, but several school districts have ignored the order. As a result of this, last Friday DeSantis gave an ultimatum so that in 48 hours the missing districts comply with the order, otherwise the funds that finance the salaries of the boards of directors will be withdrawn.

Use of mask in schools

Although the mandatory use of masks is less and less common, it is very important that within schools these two basic biosafety standards continue to be complied with, as they will save lives and lower the level of risk to which both children and children are exposed. school personnel.

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