Women Who Promote the Protection of Natural Parks

The close relationship between women and the environment improved women's active and effective integration in sheltered areas. In recent years, they have been very successful in achieving initiatives that require less effort and cost.

The Woman Post | Carlex Araujo

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These challenges strengthen social participation in a more equitable and lasting way over time. An investigation by the United Nations (UN) reports that they contribute to the well-being and sustainable development of their people. They are usually the leaders of small orchards and the maintenance of their family plots. As well as, collect food and medicinal products. That is why they are the first to detect climate change.

The female gender is the engine that the world needs to favor the management of protected areas. However, the contribution they can make to the conservation of the world is considerably restricted by exclusion and inequality. Even so, their leadership is the driving force behind environmentally-based decisions. That's why The Woman Post invites you to meet women leaders of the baby boomer generation who have a great sense of belonging about ecosystem preservation.

Vandana Shiva: Pioneering Seed Environmentalist

She is a leader who fights for ecology and the environment. The leader has dedicated her life to promoting her commitment to the environmental movement. The doctor of physics has a selection of articles, books, and a collection of the lives of 9 women seeking to rescue and conserve crops. Her trajectory drives many females to believe and defend a better planet.

On the other hand, she is the daughter of a park ranger skilled in producing, choosing, and preserving seeds. This is in order to safeguard most of the biodiversity of ecosystems. In an article published in the Hydro-Latin American magazine of young people, researchers, and professionals by Alén García, he reveals the theoretical perspectives of decades of progress. Furthermore, it shows that women and nature suffer the same form of domination and exploitation, and are gaining more and more relevance and opportunity.


Lois Gibbs: Fight Against Toxic Waste

Lois Gibbs is an activist who fought against the damage caused by toxic waste pollution. Her efforts helped the community fight against local governments. With her research and a series of protest mobilizations, this great leader has supported improving the environment. These incredible actions led to the relocation of 800 families.

Sheila Watt-Cloutier: Arctic Inuit Rights Advocate

She is a writer and educator who dedicated her life to warning the world about the problems generated by climate change. She constantly demonstrates remarkable leadership and guides her profession on the path to conserving the environment. In her career, she has received awards and distinctions with an unparalleled commitment to defend and preserve the biodiversity of ecosystems.

On the other hand, Sheila seeks dialogues in inequality communities within the context of sustainability. Today, people explore the various realities and narrate solutions. Her work provides a profile of where people are and where they are going. In addition, she has the support of indigenous peoples for the extraordinary effort she invests in their future.

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