The 3 Biggest Obstacles For Colombia In The Volleyball World Cup

These are the world giants that Colombia could face in the volleyball World Cup.

Players of the Colombian Volleyball team

We show you some of the talented teams that will face the Colombians. Photo: IG-voleicolombia

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Nobody expected to see Colombia in the volleyball World Cup. The women's team surprised everyone a few days ago by defeating Brazil to secure their place in this competition. This is the first time that the coffee country has managed to reach this level. It was one of the last countries to get a place, along with Cameroon and Kenya.

However, the work is not finished and if the coffee makers want to have a good tournament they will have to face several important obstacles. All the participating teams (with the exception of Cuba) have won gold medals at some point, so the competition will be tough.

Here we show you some of the talented teams that the Colombians will face.


The current world champions, the Serbs at the moment are ranked number 5 in the official FIVB ranking. In 2018 they faced Italy to win their first title, with a final score of 3–2. Their most talented player is Tijana Bošković, who at 1.93 m tall, holds the world record for shooting speed (110.3 km / h). She was the most valuable player in the world past and led all the competitors in spikes.


The US team is another powerful obstacle to overcome. The team has just won their first gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics. The United States had three silver medals: in Los Angeles 1984, Beijing 2008, and London 2012; and two third places in Barcelona 1992 and Rio 2016. Finally this year they managed to break their streak and add their gold to their Olympic medal table. The Americans dismantled the Brazilian team in the final, with a final score of 3-0.

Unlike the Serbs, we cannot target a particular offensive player who will shine on the American team. But on the other hand, they have one of the best defensive players in Justine Wong-Orantes, an exceptional libero (defensive specialist). Justine was named "the best libero" of these games, with a 74.5% success rate to catch, the best of all the competition.


Although Colombia won the battle against Brazil, Pélé's country is winning the war by a lot. The Brazilians remain the undisputed South American champions, with 22 gold medals in South America and fourteen continental titles in a row. The Brazilians are second in the world, with an all-star team that would be enviable for any country.

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Its most recent outstanding player is Gabriela Guimarães, who won the title of Most Valuable Player in these last South Americans. They also have proven talent like Fernanda Garay, the most efficient nailer in the Tokyo Olympics with a 41.40% success rate.

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