The best memes of the fall of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp arrive

A couple of days ago we went back to analog communication for almost a whole day. These are the best memes of the fall of Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp .


Enjoy the best selection of memes. Photo: IG-memelasdeorizaba

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This Monday, October 4th, the Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp servers were down. This thus left millions of people wothout communication. For almost a whole day we were without the most used messaging service in the world and without the two most popular social networks. However, having these networks down did not stop the creators of memes and that is why we bring you the best ones about the fall of Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp.

Immediately, the services of these three social groups returned, all three were flooded with memes about the isolation. Here we have collected our favorites so you can laugh in an active break this Wednesday.

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