Gallery: The 7 Latin Economies That Will Grow The Most In 2022

Despite the pandemic, several Latin economies hope to grow their numbers and to be able to have an accelerated economic reactivation.

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These are the 7 Latin economies that will grow the most in 2022. Photo: Pexels

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The pandemic left several indicators in the red. Many economies in the world experienced a marked slowdown due to containment measures, which led to a drop in growth expectations. However, the most recent ECLAC report published in August 2021 shows a slight improvement for the region (although well below pre-pandemic levels).

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These are the 7 Latin economies that will grow the most in 2022.

7. Colombia: The Andean country could grow 3.8% of its Gross Domestic Product for 2022, well below the 9.7% that it grew, according to the National Government, in 2021.
5. Paraguay: The Guaraní country is the third South American economy and the fifth in Latin America that will grow the most in its GDP. According to ECLAC, it will have an increase of 4% by 2022.
5. Guatemala: With the same estimated growth as Paraguay, the Central American country expects to grow by 4% this year.
4. Cuba: The island has an estimated growth, according to ECLAC, of 4.1%. This contrasts with the estimate of 2.2% that it grew in 2021.
3. Peru: The Inca country has the economy with the best prospects for 2022 in all of South America. According to ECLAC, the Peruvian GDP will grow by 4.4% the following year.
2. El Salvador: The Central American country has been registering good figures under the Government of Nayib Bukele. According to the UN Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean.
1. Panama: The isthmus has, according to ECLAC predictions, the economy with the best figures in 2022 in all of Latin America. According to the study, the Panamanian GDP will grow 8.2%, well above the other countries in the region.

At the other end of the ranking, stand out Brazil (only 2.2%), Nicaragua (1.8%), Venezuela (1%) and Haiti (1%), which are the 3 economies with the worst projections for 2022 in all of Latin America. While Caribbean economies such as the Bahamas (8.5%), Saint Lucia (11.9%) and Guyana (32%) have the best indicators in the entire region.

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