What Sex Will My Baby Have?

Knowing the sex of the baby is the most important thing to be able to prepare for their arrival. But how do you discover which is? In The Woman Post, we show you three fabulous techniques so you can guess the sex of your baby.

Couple in a gender reveal of their baby

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Usually, parents aspire to know the sex of the baby before birth, to choose the colors of the walls, furniture, clothes, and even the baby's name in advance. That is why The Woman Post suggests resorting to traditional calendars to identify the sex of your baby with time.

Chinese Pregnancy Calendar 2022

This calendar is a table that predicts the sex of the baby, based on the age of the woman and the month she has of pregnancy. The Chinese pregnancy calendar was found 700 years ago in a royal tomb and subsequently kept in the royal palace of the Qing Dynasty. That is why it is also called Qing Gong Biao. Moreover, it was only for the exclusive use of the emperor's families. However, it was lost, and a Chinese academic managed to copy it, and around 1972 it became public.

The calendar has two coordinates, the X where the months of January to December are located, and the Y coordinates the lunar age of the woman, in addition internally the pink or blue boxes to identify the sex of the baby. It is important to note that the lunar age of the woman is equal to the age plus one because it is counted since it was conceived. For example, if she is 21 years old, the lunar age should be 21 + 1 = 22 years.

Mayan Religious Table (Tzolkin)

Historically, many married women who wanted to become pregnant moved to the shrine of the goddess of motherhood, Ixchel or Metztli. They found all their gifts in the place, including water, fertility, crops, pregnancy, love, and sexuality. Contrary to the Chinese calendar, the Mayan religious table or Tzolkin name is 260 days based on 13 lunations a year and its zodiacal signs.

The data collected from the written documents of the Mayan Table have been transmitted for years to the population. This method provides accurate information about the sex of the baby. On the other hand, it is essential to note that the lunar month has 29 days.


Japanese Calendar or Table

There's no doubt about the effectiveness of these methods. For this table, only the data of the month of the birthday of the mother and father is required. Similar to the other calendars, the X coordinates the month of the father's birthday, and the Y coordinates the month of the mother's birthday. Finally, on the inside are located the pink and blue boxes to identify the sex of the baby.

In short, with these three methods, you can plan your baby's arrival and be able to determine their gender. These tools that The Woman Post gives you are the most viable. However, the best and ideal thing is to consult with your gynecologist and do tests that prove their sex. You lose nothing by trying to use the methods and certainly know the sex of your baby!

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