Has the Perception of the Female Role in Global Economies Changed?

The role of women in society is crucial for a country's development. Indeed, female leadership has become a valuable tool to promote gender equality and an ethical and civic mind.

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The Woman Post | Carolina Rodríguez Monclou

Women leaders seek social, political, and economic progress to ensure a better future for the generations to come. Nevertheless, when the female perspective is shut down violently, the progress of societies can be affected. According to The Economist, countries that mistreat women are more likely to be unstable and less developed.

Looking back, women didn't have fundamental rights for a long time. It was not until 1920 that they finally got the right to vote. This is 50 years after male ex-slaves were given the right to vote, an alarming gap.

For 144 years in US history, women could not vote for the people they wanted to be their elected officials. Why is this so important? Because before being able to participate in politics actively, they didn't have anyone to listen to their concerns. As politics was a male-dominated game, leaders didn't have to worry about women voting them out of office for not paying attention to them. Having the right to vote is a constitutional right, and it's a significant power to have.

At that time, the primary role for women was still considered to be at home regardless of whether they had a family or not. Meanwhile, women who had the same jobs as men were paid only about 60% for doing the same work. Although today's world has made a lot of progress regarding gender equality, women still earn around only 75% of what men make today.


In 1920, there were not that many options for working women. Most women could work only as secretaries, nurses, teachers, and social workers, typically low-paying jobs. Thankfully, at the time, some women pushed back against those restrictions, and they changed their hair, clothing, and lifestyle choices. These young women were known as "flappers." They were upset by the narrow choices women faced and wanted to have a different life from their mothers and grandmothers. The "flappers" are probably the one group that stands out more than any other.

They wore what was considered "short skirts" and "bobbed" their hair. They even drove cars, drank alcohol, wore more makeup, and listened to jazz music, things that weren't socially acceptable for women.

The role of women in society shouldn't be limited to traditional roles. Instead, empowering women to have leadership positions is essential to build an equal world. Although some cultures have believed that women are inferior to men throughout history, the truth is that female leadership is crucial for a country's social, political, and economic development.

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