Useful Guide To Help You Find Your Soulmate

It is believed that when Zeus divided people, he also divided their souls. Chopped in two pieces, everyone started looking for their other half.

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For Greek mythology, initially, human beings were created with four arms, four legs, two faces, and one soul. But Zeus chopped them off in two pieces. According to the Myth of the Missing Half, this is why humans are constantly searching for their soulmates.

How do we fall in love? Many times, we have heard in movies and novels the quote, "you complete me," but what is the true meaning behind those words? In the famous work of Plato, "The Symposium," Aristophanes explains the idea of completion. A long time ago, there were three sexes in each person: Male, female, and androgynous.

However, Zeus decided to chop them off in two pieces after humans decided to take on the gods and went to their mythical home in Olympus. It is believed that when Zeus divided people, he also divided their souls. Chopped in two pieces, everyone started looking for their other half. Sadly, when they would find their missing half, they would die.

Since then, human beings have looked for their missing half to complete themselves. This myth connects with the thought of becoming one soul, one body, complementing each other with a common fate.

The Myth of the Missing Half portrays the idea of complete love and becoming whole from finding our soulmate. People year all of their life for that best friend and lover that will complete them. This is what today we call a soulmate. That person will be with us for the rest of our lives. They'll be there in all of our joys, fantasies, and sorrows.

What Makes a Person Your Soulmate?

According to American writer Richard Bach, your soulmate is someone who helps you step up to your potential, loves you for who you really are, helps you bring out the best in you, shares the deepest longings of your heart, walks in the same direction with you, and brings joy into your life.


How To Know if You're Ready for a Soulmate Level Relationship?

Before taking the next big step in your life, you need to identify some aspects that will help you know if you are ready for a soulmate-level relationship.

1. You know what you want: You have a clear vision for your life. You can envision your perfect lifestyle in rich details in a way that feels inspiring, strong, and real.

2. You have a clear vision of your soulmate relationship: You have written a list of qualities and are looking for potential partners, including a list of deal-breakers. You are also aware of the gifts you will be bringing to this new relationship.

3. You feel happy and content being single: You enjoy your life, work, family, friends, and your own company. You live the life you want, and you are not seeking a relationship out of neediness or desperation.

Finally, it's crucial to bear in mind that a soulmate is not only someone that will be your lover and best friend. You'll also need to help them achieve the best version of themselves and love them unconditionally.

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