3 Key and Effective Factors for Women Labour Integration

3 Key and Effective Factors for Women Labour Integration

Job motivation in women depends to a large extent on the nature of the work to be done, the work environment, and the personality.

Job motivation in women depends to a large extent on the nature of the work to be done, the work environment, and the personality.

There are differences in the importance of motivational factors between men and women, as shown by the discoveries of Ilona Jerabek, as they are: money, which is the fifth most important motivating factor for men, however, only ranks twelfth in importance to women.

In this sense, the findings obtained by a 2012 research by Boston Research Group, The Motivation Factor, reveals that for women: it is important to have balance in their lives. They need to feel respected. As they are often based on intuition, they are able to hear what others have to say and consider empathy as one of their most important resources, according to Anna Pérez of OBS Business School.

Motivational Drivers, According to the Theory of Self-Determination

David Burkus, organizational psychologist and author of five books, expresses the three main key and effective factors of motivation, according to the theory of self-determination: autonomy, competence, and relationship.

1. Autonomy: In the context of work, autonomy means that people feel they have a say in what they work on and how they do it. Do not feel micromanaged; they feel empowered by their managers to pursue goals and deadlines on their terms.

2. Competence: This speaks of our natural human desire to be apprentices, to grow, and to feel that we are making progress. It can be career advancement, a step towards a set of goals, or working for a team or company that is advancing. Anything that helps people feel like they're moving toward the domain takes advantage of competition as motivation.

3. Relationship: Women are much more motivated to take action when they are considered pro-social, that is when they are considered able to help others.


Equal Employment Opportunities

Selene Ramírez, Executive Women 'EM' Web Portal, assures that diversity and inclusion are paramount factors in companies, so more and more organizations are joining this collaborative scheme in order to make all workspaces better. Due to equal opportunities, companies have the talent needed for the growth of the organization.

Today, the economy begins to think of women for much more than beauty or the house and they are accessing products and services that were reserved for men such as technology or automobiles for example.

Maintaining Employment Motivation in Women, Within the Framework of COVID-19

The coronavirus health crisis has highlighted the challenge of companies to keep their employees motivated and committed to becoming the best ambassadors of their brand. According to the latest study of the "Welcome to the Jungle" professional guidance platform, for most employees, job well-being depends on factors such as work-life balance or social relationships. That's why companies that are worrying about life-related issues at work are the ones that are actually achieving the goals.

How To Implement Job Motivation in Women?

Some companies have different techniques to implement and drive motivation to work on women. Here are some:

1. Incentive policy: Achievements must be recognized and rewarded.

2. Job promotion: The company must facilitate the promotion of women's work.

3. Define goals and functions: It's important to know what to do, how much time you have, and personal, team, and business goals.

4. Properly organize the template: There's nothing more in the way for a woman than being in a position where she doesn't demonstrate her skills.

5. Job promotion: The company must provide the necessary training to facilitate the promotion of work.

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