New Movies To Watch on Netflix

New Movies To Watch on Netflix

Netflix renovates its movie list every day. This is why The Woman Post brings you a movie suggestion list to relax on the weekend.

Netflix renovates its movie list every day. This is why The Woman Post brings you a movie suggestion list to relax on the weekend.

The Netflix library is constantly expanded to include more movies to please its subscribers. Today we tell you more about three new movies that will make a great plan.

1. Pray Away

This movie is a documentary that tells you more about the leaders of Exodus International. One of the biggest organizations in the world, that is centered on Conversion to Christianity and on techniques to reverse homosexuality.                                         

"Pray Away" takes you on a journey through the everyday lives of the leaders of the organization. It also tells the story of one of the persons that have gone through the organization’s therapies, who narrates his dreadful experience. The documentary was directed by Kristine Stolakis and it gives the audience a chance to listen to the story of the survivors from the conversion therapies.                                                     

You may also learn more about the experience of the organization’s leaders who were in charge of the therapy named "pray the gay away." The movie debuted at The Tribeca Film Festival on June 16.

2. Shiny Flakes

This documentary narrates the true story of the real case that inspired the Netflix series called "How to Sell Drugs Online (Fast)." In this production, Maximilian Mundt tells the audience his own version of how he became a teenage drug lord. 

By the age of 19, Maximilian Mundt already ran a 3.8 million euros business from his bedroom. He sold cocaine, marihuana, and meth from his website and used the national postal service for delivering. Many described Mundt as an "unpopular kid at school" who set up his business in December 2013 with the name "Shiny Flakes." You may be wondering if he is in jail today. In February 2015, he was arrested. Today he serves a sentence of 7 years and is suspicious of hiding millions from the police using secret bitcoin wallets.

In the mentioned documentary, Mundt talks for the first time about the business that led to his arrest in 2015. 


3. Penguin Bloom

This drama was produced between the United States of America and Australia. It was directed by Glendyn Ivin and was inspired by a book that has the same name. Its protagonists are Naomi Watts, Andrew Lincoln, and Jacki Weaver. The movie was inspired by the real story of a family that adopted an injured Australian magpie and learns some valuable lessons from the bird. It debuted in the Australian Theatres on January 2021. When watching this movie, you will experience several emotions. The story begins in 2013, when Sam Bloom, her husband Cameron, and their three kids traveled from Australia to Thailand for their vacation. During this trip, Sam, who loved physical activity, accidentally falls from a terrace, breaking a vertebra and leaving her lower body paralyzed.

So depending on what mood you are in, these three movies are all good options for taking a break from work.

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