Top 4 Winter Solstice Celebrations Worldwide

Top 4 Winter Solstice Celebrations Worldwide

Check out where the best winter solstice ceremonies are held in 2021.

Check out where the best winter solstice ceremonies are held in 2021.

Currently, the winter solstice of 2021 is celebrated from December 21 at 15:59 hours UTC, which is when the length of the day is the minimum of the year and occurs in the northern hemisphere. In this context, The Woman Post cordially invites you to know which places commemorate this holiday.

Fremont Fair (United States, Washington)

The Eventbrite website recently published the program that the Fremont Fair will have in 2021. The event was kicked off on December 3 with the Tree Festival at 10 am, the Virtual Job Fair at 11 am, and the COVID Project Virtual Job Fair, culminating with a night of Gamble Garden Christmas cheer. By December 4 they continued with the 16th Annual Believe Christmas Boutique at 9 am, extend with a bubbly Christmas walk in downtown Willow Glen at 2 pm, and finally the wonders of winter at midnight.

Subsequently, on December 11 they continued with the celebration in the Manufacturers Market in the Row at 11 in the morning and culminated with the event of the Ice Robots 2021.

Secret Solstice Festival (Iceland, Reykjavík)

The festival is held in the country's capital Reykjavík, in Laugardalur, and provides users with camping areas, a botanical garden, a theme park, swimming pools, and a zoo. Usually, to carry out the ceremony they make a multi-genre music festival and link up new stars and talents.

The great show offers a night of dancing with various artists enclosed in beautiful mountains with a volcano of the sun at midnight that perfects the surroundings. The sunlight generates the best of scenarios and produces a wave of inner peace, so we invite you to live this great experience.


Seni Bali Jani III Festival 2021 (in Latvia, Kuldiga)

The Art Festival began on Saturday, October 23, and officially culminates on November 6, 2021. The concert features 45 events of a link between modern art and contemporary art. In addition, they relate approximately 1,000 artists at the Headquarters of the Provincial Cultural Park or Bali Art Center.

This year the theme of the event was "Jehggala Sutra: Susastra Wana Kerthi" which means "The last universe of creativity, the harmony of the self and the earth in the expansion of the new creation."

The Midnight Sun (in Norway, Longyearbyen)

The midnight sun in Norway is a natural phenomenon that has caused a great impact on its visitors. That is why it is so tempting to live that experience in Northern Norway. According to some world data, sunrise and sunset times are affected by the high situation in the hemisphere. The days in summer are longer and shorter in winter. Usually, the sunrise in June begins at 3:50 am and the sunset is at 10:44 pm, that is, the day lasts 18:54 hours. On the contrary, the sunrise in December begins at 9:10 am and the sunset is at 3:14 pm, that is, the day lasts 6:04 hours.

This impressive early sunset event makes the days short at that time and the white nights occur when the midnight sun reigns.

The winter solstice celebrations in each nation are different and unique.

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