Gay-Friendly Tourism: Safe Destinations For The LGBT Community In Latin America

Gay-Friendly Tourism: Safe Destinations For The LGBT Community In Latin America

During June, many people commemorate LGBT pride month, and some will do so on vacation as a tourist. Therefore, we leave the most ‘gayfriendly’ tourist destinations in the region.

This June will mark the 54th anniversary of the protest at the Stonewall Inn in New York against police violence against LGBTIQ people with Marsha P. Johnson as leader. Since then, this month is commemorated as the pride of this minority worldwide. In addition, June also coincides with the month in which summer begins in the global north and with the season comes vacations and tourism in many countries around the world.

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This is why many tourism agencies worldwide are concerned about offering packages with safe places for the LGBT community. In Latin America there are several cities that stand out with notable attractions for those who want to visit sites dedicated to the community while commemorating pride month.

Next, we leave the cities with the most iconic sites of the LGBTIQ community in Latin America. In addition to venues, we highlight important events that are dedicated to the LGBT community.

Buenos Aires

The Argentine capital as a metropolis is always a good option due to the number of wonders it offers for different areas. In the 90s they opened Filo, a pioneering restaurant in the inclusion of the LGBT community with a transvestite at the bar. However, it closed a couple of years ago due to financial problems, but in the Palermo neighborhood there are video bars like Peuteo dedicated to the gay community. In the surroundings of the site there are several ‘gayfriendly’ bars, hotels and restaurants.


The Colombian capital is promoting initiatives in favor of the LGBT community. In fact, when the current mayor Claudia López (the capital’s first lesbian mayor) was elected, many expectations were generated in the gay community. Currently, Bogotá has the most important gay bar in Latin America with Theatron de Película , a space with more than 10 musical environments. The neighborhood in which it is located is usually very safe for the community.

Rio de Janeiro

This Brazilian city has the most important carnival in Latin America. A large number of the key events that take place are led by people from the LGBT community. Parallel to the characteristic Sambadrome, there is a free event on Farme de Amoedo street featuring gays, lesbians and trans people. Nor should we forget the large number of gays on Ipanema beach, one of the favorite and safest destinations for the community. There they even hold exclusive events and parties for people belonging to the LGBT community.

Puerto Vallarta

It is recognized by many as the most ‘gayfriendly’ city in Mexico. In particular, Playa de los Muertos is the epicenter for the LGBT community. His story is linked to the gentrification of a group of gays from Canada and the United States. They settled there after the 1980s and today it could be considered the quintessential gay neighborhood in Puerto Vallarta. Before all this happened, the area was lonely and only known for hosting hotels. In addition to the sun and the beach, there are a large number of discos and bars specialized for LGBT people.

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As in many aspects, Uruguay tends to take the lead in social and progressive issues, and when it comes to the rights of LGBT people, it is not far behind. Its capital is home to one of the most important film festivals that addresses sexual diversity, such as Llamale H.

These are safe and fun destinations for the LGBTI community that they can be proud of in their month.

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