Celebrate women every day. Time's 100 Women of the Year

American aviator / pilot Amelia Earhart
On Friday, a few days before International Women´s Day, Time magazine released '100 Women of the Year', a list celebrating influential females.

Here's what to watch on International Women's Day

Still from the trailer of the video 'Because She Watched'.
Netflix and UN Women launched "Because She Watched", a collection of TV shows, movies, and documentaries curated by women from all over the world.

Women, identity loss and acid attacks

Women covering her face.
Most acid attacks towards women use the face as a target as a way to erase their identity and make their interpersonal relationships harder.

Women who rewrite history in Colombia: Kiana, the queen of the heroic

Khianna Lacouture Doria.
Kiana, a Trans woman member of the table of victims of the armed conflict in the city of Cartagena, talks about her experience as a queen of sexual diversity.

'Abortion is normal', an exhibition that fights for reproductive rights

Abortion rights activist
This exhibition, curated by Jasmine Wahi and Rebecca Pauline Jampol, is taking place in New York and is raising awareness about abortion rights.

What can you do in 2020 to help achieve gender parity?

Three women during a meeting.
Since recent research shows that we are still far from gender parity, here are a few things you can do in 2020 to help shorten the gap

“A rapist in your path” and the wave of rape denounces

'A rapist in your path' chanted by women in the Mexico City Zocalo.
This performance, created by the feminist collective “Las Tesis”, has reached several parts of the world, giving strength to women to denounce their rapists.

5 podcasts made for and by women

Woman using earphones.
If you are needing a dose of girl power, here are 10 podcasts that you need to add to your queue.

Los Cabos Film Festival is all about women

Camera recording scenes from a movie.
This year 43% of the program will be directed by women, according to Alejandra Pauli, one of the festival directors.

Feminism and femininity, new concepts embodied in photography

"Feminism and femininity, a visual reflection" is an exhibition that proposes a different dynamic on feminist theory

3 influential Latin American women in the art world

These are some of the most influential Latin American women in the art world

Adriana Cuellar: the Colombian artist you should know

Adriana Cuellar told us about her exhibition In Your Silence lives in mine which can be visited until next May 9 in the gallery SN maCarena in Bogotá
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