Towards a Higher Quota of Women in Executive Positions

German Chancellor Angela Merkel
While one woman has led Germany itself for the past 15 years, this has certainly not been the case at the country's top companies.

3 Useful Tips When Choosing a Gift

Two people holding gifts
Finding the right holiday gift proves to be a challenge, especially with a couple of days left before Christmas.

Will Water Reach Unattainable Prices?

Water tap
Water has joined both oil and gold on Wall Street. Now it is officially marketed. You may ask why, and the answer is climate change.

The Coronavirus Generates High Unemployment For Millennials

People during a meeting
Millennials have been the most impacted generation due to the COVID-19 pandemic's financial crisis.

Tips to Stick to Your Holiday Budget

Happy couple sitting on floor with christmas bags
Christmas season can be a difficult time for your wallet, but it doesn't have to be like that.

Incels, New Social Threat

Person walking along corridors
They are men who never have sex. Not because they ditch them.

Should Toys Be Gender Neutral?

Girl in red dress playing with wooden blocks
Nowadays, you can't walk into a kids' store without seeing a clear divide: boys' stuff is blue, and girls' stuff is pink.

Gender financial bonds to support women

Woman counting money
This is the female empowerment strategy supported by the financial sector amid the global crisis

Women, the most affected in crisis by COVID-19

Kristalina Georgieva
An analysis by the International Monetary Fund explains the causes that are economically affecting women in times of pandemic

The woman who said NO and saved thousands of lives

Frances Oldham Kelsey
The bold stand of a Canadian doctor in the mid-1900s saved thousands of lives and established a strong position in medicine.

Blockchain: empowerment and opportunity

Blockchain and bitcoin symbols.
Mire Acosta and Mariangel García, representatives of Binance Latin America, spoke with The Woman Post about the enormous possibilities of blockchain.

Lagarde wins EU lawmakers' approval to lead ECB

Christine Lagarde managing director of the International Monetary Fund.
Christine Legarde will become the first women to hold the position of European Central Bank's president
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