Where was Selena Gomez?

Selena Gomez
After months without addressing her 185 million followers on Instagram, the singer surprises with a candid video message with her best style

An analysis of Folklore, Taylor Swift's new album

Cover of Taylor Swift's 'Folklore' album.
Let's see the details of this masterpiece

Women make the Most Followed and Shared Podcast in Spanish

Ashley Frankie and Lety Sahagún
Ashley Frangie and Lety Sahagún are the creators of "Se Regalan Dudas," one of the most successful podcasts of Latin America.

The Islamic scientist who made the world read

Rana Dajani reading stories to children
A Jordanian molecular scientist has socially empowered communities through reading with her "We Love Reading" foundation.

Successful action movies actresses in Their 40s

Charlize Theron and Milla Jovovich
Here's a list of the most successful Hollywood actresses in their 40s better known for her performances in action movies.

Allende and her 'Long Petal of the Sea'

Cover of the book 'Largo Pétalo de Mar' by Isabel Allende.
A story of exile, life in a concentration camp, and love

Black Lives Matter in the film industry, the complaints do not stop

Viola Davis
A video of Viola Davis criticizing the film industry went viral recently

Quarantined women inspire Spotify playlists

Person holding a phone while using the Spotify app
Home occupations have allowed online music streaming giant Spotify to create playlists from user searches amid confinement

Complaints about Ciro Guerra and other news of the week

Ciro Guerra, Halle Berry and Frame from the film 'Rifkin’s Festival'
Here are the news of this week in the world of entertainment

Harvey Weinstein sentence and Coronavirus: the most relevant of this week

Harvey Weinstein, Daniel Radcliffe, Dj on stage.
Because today is Friday, here are the news from the entertainment world this week.

Best feminist memes for International Women's Day

Here our favorites on this topic!

Who were the women behind man's arrival to the moon?

Astronaut standing on moon beside the USA flag.
On Monday, February 24, Katherine Johnson died at 101. She was part of the West Area Computers, a group of key mathematicians for NASA.

More dudette's signs

Here another selection of our favorites!

Meet the dudette with sign

Here our favorites of his female version!

5 women in science that have changed the world

Portrait of Maria Skłodowska-Curie.
We didn´t want to let February pass by without celebrating these five women, whose findings and research have changed the world.
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