Pay inequality: the gender pay gap in an anonymous online labor market

Man holding several 20 dollar bills.
The U.S. is witnessing a dramatic rise in nontraditional 'gig economy' labor markets where workers are hired for single projects often on a short-term basis.

Is it affordable to have a baby?

Person carrying a newborn baby.
One of the most expensive parts of having a baby may involve the birth itself.

7 tips to save your money in 2020

Woman saving money in a piggy bank.
Make this one of your New Year resolutions. It is simpler than you may think.

How are income inequality and women's sexualization linked?

Two women taking a selfie.
Study showed that women assigned to economically unequal societies seem to be more anxious about their social status.

#MeTooPay is looking for gender pay equality

Woman browsing on the internet.
November 14 marked Equal Pay Day: the day of the year when women start to work for free. The day is dedicated to raising awareness of the gender pay gap.

Despite earning less money, women tend to spend more. Why?

The main reason for women's consumption are women's products that they must buy regularly

Challenging panorama of female entrepreneurs in Latin America

Women's businesses have the same survival rate as men's, despite the exhaustive search for funding to create them

How do maternity leave works in Latin America?

Cuba and Chile have the longest license periods, while Paraguay and Haiti have the lowest

In these jobs, women have better pays than men

Although men traditionally earn up to 15% more than women, some jobs, especially modeling, are better paid in women

E-commerce: the ideal job for women

The informatics revolution benefits women by allowing them leaving the informal economy, gaining autonomy and managing their work in a more flexible and effective way

Are you looking for a scholarship? 5 options for female entrepreneurs

In order to combat the wide gender gap in the business world, several institutions have sought to support women with funds and training

How much can it cost you everything you need for a comfortable breastfeeding?

Although your body is designed to breastfeed, we know that this process brings many discomforts and pains. We present you some products that will help you
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