Liliana Consuegra: The Doctor with Angel Skin

Liliana Consuegra
Many of the patients cannot receive hugs due to the condition of their wounds ...

Reasons Why Heart Disease is Deadlier for Women

Person touching her chest with both hands.
According to the American Heart Association, "Heart disease is the number one threat to women's health."

Tips for a Better Quality of Life

Woman running near the ocean.
To have a healthier life, start with a few small changes that you can establish a daily routine, and then turn into habits.

How to Overcome Parental Burnout

Mother and father with their baby
Fulfilling the responsibilities of work and multiple family activities simultaneously can generate symptoms of fatigue in some parents.

Coaching and its Contribution to Female Empowerment

Carlos Enrique Lozano
The Colombian coach, Carlos Enrique Lozano, explains the techniques that coaching has for female empowerment.

Coronavirus: What is Maskne and How to Deal With It?

The woman with the white facial mask
Maskne is the phenomenon in which the skin breaks out around the chin, jaw and upper lip area due to the use of masks

"Natural pills" the new medicine to control stress

Woman sitting watching a landscape
A study confirms the scientific existence of vitamin N pills

4 tips for mental wellbeing during the coronavirus lockdown

Woman in self-isolation
With all the changes happening as we overcome this pandemic, it’s easy for us to feel overwhelmed, anxious, and stressed

Almost 70% of caregivers of Alzheimer's patients are women

Woman standing next to a person in a wheelchair
The role of caregiver is feminized in the world specifically in the case of Alzheimer's without an apparent explanation

One in three children in the world is contaminated with lead

Children in Bangladesh
Lead is affecting children massively according to a recent report by UNICEF and Pure Earth

The secret to improve your communication through the mask

Andrea Vilallonga
Wearing a face mask will completely change nonverbal communication since the nose and mouth will be covered
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