Daily Habits That Help You Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Woman stretching her arms
Due to the CORONAVIRUS pandemic, many people report feeling stressed and anxious at this time.

For a Better Quality of Life, Just Laugh More

Two woman laughing
A good laugh can boost your mood. But what about your physical and mental well-being? Here are six ways laughing improves your health.

Is Time to Turn to Other Options to Keep in Touch

Two people having a videocall
Due to the closures of bars and other social gathering places, it has not been so easy to connect with friends and others in our space.

Tips to Improve Your Energy, Rest Habits and Concentration

Woman meditating in the middel of forest
Did you know that not only your body but also your brain can be in shape? It just takes healthy daily practices and a little patience.

How to Protect Your Mental and Physical Integrity

Edgar Leaño during a class
The mind-body duo is present in a technique that rescues the value of humanity.

Tips to achieve your 2021 wellness goals

Woman sitting on the seashore
These are some recommendations that you can take into account to start the year in a more pleasant and, above all, focused way

Revelations of Improvement That Lead To Success

Cover from the book
Acclaimed singer Tina Turner's latest book is an honest account of her spiritual journey and how it has helped create joy in her life.

What Are The Best Eating Habits to Sleep Well?

Woman sleeping
The key to getting a better night's sleep may lie in your stomach. Specifically, what you eat affects the way you sleep.

Be Careful With Your Health This Holiday Season

Young woman sitting next to a chimney
The festive season can always lead to overindulging in food, alcohol, and sweets.

Consequences of the Lag in Education on Gender and Rights

Women looking on laptop
The disproportionate impact of the spread of HIV around the world has been concentrated on girls and young women.

Why Are Black Women at Higher Risk of HIV?

Woman sitting on sofa
In the United States, one in five HIV infections occurs among women, and most of them are in the black community.

A Practice that Brings Harmony to Our Lives

Man practicing Tai Chi
Entering monotonous, routine, and even mechanical scenarios have generated stimuli in human beings that affect their integral part on a daily basis.
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