Coronavirus has infected more men than women, why?

Man wearing a mask.
Even though further study is needed, the answer could be linked to women´s inmune system and smoking

Colombian Constitutional Court will decide on decriminalization of abortion soon

Doctor looking at an ultrasound on an iPad.
On February 19, judge Alejandro Linares delivered a paper in which the decriminalization of abortion until the first trimester is proposed.

These are the effects anxiety has on your health

Woman suffering from anxiety.
Chronic anxiety can cause a lot of overall health issues that you may not know about.

Pregnancy and breastfeeding associated with lower risk of early menopause

Mother breastfeeding her baby.
A new study, published in JAMA Network Open, reports that women who have babies and breastfeed may be less likely to go earlier though menopause.

Acid reflux drug is a surprising candidate to curb preterm birth

Glass with water and medicine pills.
The study also identified 12 other FDA-approved drugs that are deemed safe in pregnancy.

Here's a possible reason for postpartum depression

Feet of newborn.
A new study shows that having general anesthesia in cesarean delivery is linked with significantly increased odds of severe postpartum depression.

Menstruation: the dirty and scary blood

Woman holding a calendar with marked menstrual cycle days.
The lack of information about menstruation has been creating fear and even a feeling of dirtiness in Colombian women.

End genital mutilation now

Woman holding a razor blade.
The international day to end Genital Mutilation was yesterday, February 6. Here's what you should know about this issue.

U.S. maternal mortality is still too high

Hospitalized mother.
700 women die from childbirth in the U.S. every year, which means it is in the last place among all developed nations in terms of maternal mortality.

Study finds black and Hispanic patients face more barriers when making doctor appointments

Man leaving a building.
Discrimination may cause black and Hispanic patients to wait longer for a scheduled primary care appointment, according to a new Tulane University study published in JAMA Network Open

Cervical cancer is still a thing

Illustration of cervix and cancer fighting tape.
New data suggests that less than three-quarters of women invited to have cervical screening actually take it.

What you need to know about polycystic ovary syndrome

Woman standing near a forest.
Polycystic ovary syndrome has been treated, for a long time, with contraceptive pills, but other treatments promote a lifestyle change.
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