Should I breastfeed my baby in pandemic times?

Mother holding her baby
At World Breastfeeding Week, UN organizations have been emphatic in encouraging continued breastfeeding in times of pandemic

The secret to improve your communication through the mask

Andrea Vilallonga
Wearing a face mask will completely change nonverbal communication since the nose and mouth will be covered

4 ways to increase productivity when working at home

Avery Blank
Increasing productivity working from home is easy if the following steps are followed .

How to deal with your emotions during the pandemic

Merce Villegas
Merce Villegas, an international speaker talks about how accepting our emotions is the first step into healing and dealing with stress during the pandemic

5 keys to preventing breast cancer

Woman smiling while cooking
A healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle can avoid breast tumors in 40% and 50% of the most common cancers.

Coffee as a potencial anti-obesity tool for women

Woman serving coffee in a cup.
Women who drink two or more cups of coffee a day have lower fat levels.

Alzheimer has no reverse and women are the most affected

Mother and daughter chatting.
According to the Alzheimer Association AA, the disease is the sixth leading cause of death in the United States and the fifth in the country in people over 65

Placentas from COVID-19-positive pregnant women show injury

Pregnant woman.
The placentas from 16 women who tested positive for COVID-19 while pregnant showed evidence of injury

Consuming extra calories can help exercising women avoid menstrual disorders

Woman eating strawberrys.
Increasing food intake could also prevent injuries in female athletes

New evidence for optimizing malaria treatment in pregnant women

Mother with baby
A new drug should be used to minimize the side effects pregnant women suffer from the usual treatment

Are women using e-cigarettes during preconception and/or pregnancy?

Woman blowing smoke.
A new study reveals worrying and surprising findings of women's use of e-cigarettes during pregnancy.

Birth control options out of reach for many low-income women

Pregnancy test and contraceptive pills.
Young, low-income women are less likely to use more effective methods of birth control like the pill
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