Very Few Know the Reality in El Salvador

Frame from the documentary
The documentary illustrates the history of gang members inside the San Francisco Gotera prison in El Salvador.

Disney Will Use Artificial Intelligence To Avoid Sexist Biases in Scripts

Frame from the Marvel Studio's Black Widow trailer
Disney, as one of the world's leading entertainment companies, is aware that diversity in film is important.

Disney Has Ready New Versions of The Always Classics

First look at Emma Stone as Cruella de Vil
Here are the most anticipated Disney remakes to watch in 2021.

A Fascinating Story of Empowerment, Skill and Strategy

Frame from the miniseries 'Queen's Gambit'
Beth's journey in the new Netflix miniseries Queen's Gambit is empowering, strong, imaginative, and full of detail.

October Special: Female revenge movies

Still from the film 'Thelma'
We continue with the most spooky of our specials

What you Want to Know About the Spy Movie The 355

Frame from the film 'The 355'
The 355 is a spy movie starring women, with an international cast with great actresses such as Jessica Chastain and Penelope Cruz.

Ethnic Communities and Their Representation in Entertainment

Hollywood sign
"Is Hollywood a place for inclusion or invisibility?" Is the question that addresses the first comprehensive report by Professor Smith.

Why New Version Of Mulan Disappointed

Frames from the films Mulan (1998) and Mulan (2020)
Instead of watching Mulan grow up, the film suggests that only those blessed by the gods have the privilege of living up to the men.

The Short that Portrays the Psychological Effects of Confinement

Jose Sospedra and Jessica de la Rosa
"Under Control" is a Colombian-Spanish short that shows the story of a lonely man whose mental health has been affected by the pandemic.

5 Entrepreneur Women Movies to Inspire you to Achieve your Dreams

Frame of the film trailer 'Joy'
These phenomenal characters will make you mentally connected to the women who are in the films and inspire you to start your own business

Gender equality in TIFF has increased

Brie Larson, Toronto Film Festival Ambassador
Each year the Toronto Film Festival brings together more women who bring their perspective to the world-renowned event

Crimes that Bind, the popular drama about gender violence

Still from the trailer for the movie 'Family Crimes'.
The Argentine world premiere, supported by UN Women and ILO and starring Cecilia Roth, is stirring the conversation
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