What lessons has the pandemic taught us?

Woman wearing a mask while traveling by train.
Canadian experts talk about the lessons learned from six months of the pandemic and the future challenges for the country

Latin American women facing technological challenges, are we ready?

Woman using a laptop
How are we going to face them in the workplace?

Neither silence nor oblivion

Woman making silence sign
Remaining silent and not legally reporting sexual abuse out of fear does not prevent it from happening, and worse, it increases sexual violence.

Gender violence and early education: inexorably linked?

Boy walking on a wet trail.
Early education for men is essential if one day we want to stop gender violence.

The terrors inflicted upon women: what they have told me

Woman with expression of sadness.
Things happen to women more often than we all may think.

Bravo, entrepreneurs women!

Woman counting bills.
Not only has the number of women entrepreneurs increased, but also the number of companies that are being led by women .

Latin America is waking up

Protests in Santiago, Chile.
In this new year in the Latin American region, countries like Peru, Colombia, and Chile are waking up from the mental lethargy exerted by oppression.

Saying goodbye to beauty standards

Woman holding a measuring tape around her waist.
What used to be seen as a flaw is now where the most valuable is found; what's different is no longer seen as bad but, on the contrary, it is appealing.

The insolence of the media with women's sports

Women soccer players in a match.
Of the top 100 highest paid athletes in Forbes, Serena Williams is the only woman. And that seems not to be part of the media agendas

Women on the money – Britain’s Queen Elizabeth, America’s Harriet Tubman

British 10-pound banknote and Chinese 100-yuan banknotes are seen in a picture illustration, in Beijing, China
Having a diversity of figures held up as role models, however, is also hugely important and can have a much wider impact

When men speak on behalf of women

After all the controversy of the presidential debate in Spain, men are not entirely able to talk about women's issues

Stop justifying violence against women

Cases like what happened in Italy are one more reason to stop justifying male violence against women

Why are men bothered with Gillette’s commercial?

Last week a new Gillette commercial that denounces toxic masculinity ignited social media users

Beware! We are not taking care of our hearts

We invite women to learn about the warning signs of a heart attack that need to be considered to seek help from a specialist

This is the panorama of women if Jair Bolsonaro is elected president

Bolsonaro is a candidate that promotes sexism, inequality and violence. This leaves Brazilian women in a panorama full of uncertainty
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