In Peru more than 2,400 women have disappeared in 2020

People walking through the streets of Lima, Peru
Disappearances and deaths during 2020 and an increase in violence against women during confinement mark the Peruvian reality

Eufrosina Cruz: The Indigenous Activist that Fights for Mexican Women Rights

Euphrosine Cruz Mendoza
The indigenous activist who fights against machismo improved the lives of the women in her village and achieved a reform in her country's Constitution.

Five inspiring women that fight human trafficking

Mabel Lozano, Norma Bastidas and Racha Haffar
Human trafficking is a serious crime. Every year thousands of women, men and children fall into the hands of traffickers who end their lives

Sudan forbade female genital mutilation

Smiling woman sitting at a desk
The elimination of Female Genital Mutilation and other practices, try to claim the rights of women in Sudan Africa.

The first moon landing was possible thanks to a woman

Dilhan Eryurt and Google Doodle.
Google Doodle made a recent tribute, with a colorful illustration, to a woman that made possible the first moon landing

Sweden and Central African Republic, the best and worst countries for women

Woman walking down a street in Sweden
Why do these two countries have been classified as the best and worst for women?

Tradition of female genital mutilation must end according to UN

African woman carrying a child
A total of 200 million women and girls have been affected by female genital mutilation and 4.1 million are at risk by 2020

UN Women and Norway launch protection plan for female leaders in Colombia

Image of the 'Prodefensoras' program
Prodefensoras Colombia is a prevention and protection project that supports women leaders whose mission is to defend human rights and promotes peace across the country

Anne Hidalgo, the first immigrant mayor of Paris

Anne Hidalgo
For the second time, the socialist Anne Hidalgo of Spanish origin and French nationality prevailed again as mayor of Paris

Women's crusade against COVID19 in India

Woman smiling on a street in India.
More than a million women in rural India work voluntarily to curb the expansion of COVID 19

COVID-19 increases domestic violence in Venezuela

Woman touching her eyes
Domestic violence figures on women and children in Venezuelan territory increased during confinement for COVID 19

Who are the female world leaders who have managed to control COVID19?

Jacinda Ardern, Tsai Ing-wen, Sanna Marin
Six months of global crisis have allowed evaluating which leaders have been effective in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic
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