Mexico: March 9, no women in the streets

Illustration raised hands making sign of clenched fists.
After the massive marches on March 8, Mexican women continued to leave a message with the #ElNueveNingunaSeMueve campaign.

Quiz: International Women's Day

Face of a woman.
Commemorate this important date by answering 8 questions about International Women's Day

Decriminalization of abortion in Colombia did not succeed

Woman holding a pregnancy test.
Colombian people were asking to decriminalize abortion during the first weeks of pregnancy but the Constitutional Court didn't approve it.

African HIV positive women are being forced into sterilization

African woman
They have been submitted to this practice without consent or after being pressured by health experts.

Transphobia: the main reason of the lack of opportunities against the trans community

Person from the LGBT + community at a carnival
The big amount of stigmas against the trans community has been used to justify the violence against them but also has closed the access to basic human rights.

#MeToo: Harvey Weinstein guilty of criminal sexual act

 Harvey Weinstein
Who was one of the most successful producers in Hollywood, yesterday was found guilty

Indian women are welcome to equal roles in the army

Row of female soldiers.
On Monday, Feb 17, the top court ruled that all women could serve as army commanders.

Mexican women against femicide

Group of people in the middle of a protest.
Another march against femicide took over the streets of Mexico last weekend after the death of Ingrid Escamilla.

The two Colombians that will visit Nasa this year

Yorleidy Parra and Kelly Córdoba, Colombian students.
Yorleidy Parra and Kelly Córdoba are two of the 16 Colombian girls who will be visiting the Nasa facilities in March.

Bolsonaro says no to sex

Jair Bolsonaro, president of Brazil.
As usual, the Brazilian president caused a stir with an abstinence campaign that advises young people not to have sex.

What is 'ethnoporno' and how does it affect indigenous Mexican women?

Mexican indigenous woman in a market stall.
More than 800 indigenous women of Chiapas, between adults and minors, have been victims of people who see a sexual fetish in their ethnic characteristics

Women rewriting history in Colombia: the "cantadoras of Membrillal"

Portraits and art pictures of Colombian women
In a small village in Colombia, near Cartagena de Indias, The “cantadoras of Membrillal" rehearse every week to dance and sing off their pain
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