What Inspired Amanda Gorman's Poem on President Biden's Inauguration?

Amanda gorman
Amanda Gorman, 22, is the youngest woman to speak at a presidential inauguration gala.

Inspiring Black Women Who Make Real Changes

Tarana J. Burke
For ethnic communities, the current confinement is not the only challenge they have faced throughout their lives.

The Effective Ways to Combat Gender Violence

Ana María Romero and Milena Montealegre
Hitting, screaming, humiliation, and permanent threats make up the life scenario many Latina women are exposed to.

Brilliant Women Make Up the Presidential Cabinet in the United States

Kamala harris
President-elect Joe Biden and his Vice President Kamala Harris are committed to appointing a diverse cabinet.

Modernity in the Vatican Causes Strong Controversy

View of the Vatican
The artwork that makes up the Vatican nativity scene is receiving a lot of attention.

Christmas Celebrations That You Did Not Imagine

People looking a store
All over the world, people celebrate Christmas in various ways.

11 Latinas on the Global List of the Most Inspiring and Influential

Claudia López, Lea T and Ana Tijoux
2020 has been a year of many challenges. Most would say that it has had more lows than highs.

Accounts on Instagram About The Roads to Success

Inspiration is the start of a great idea, a small amount of what you need to achieve something huge

Radical Changes Towards Equity

Sydney barber
Sydney Barber will be the first black woman to serve as a brigade commander in the Naval Academy's 175-year history.

The Features that Make the Difference

Margaret Thatcher portrait
Margaret Thatcher was the first female prime minister of the United Kingdom.

Crises Bring Priority Solutions to Light

Woman in black coat
Last November, the XV edition of the Women's Forum Global Meeting 2020 was held.

This Country Adopts Pioneering Laws for Girls and Women

Products of personal hygiene for women
Scotland has become the first country in the world to provide free access to sanity products for all women.

New Horizons at The White House

Jill Biden wearing a mask
Jill Biden is not exactly the woman behind a great man, she is used to being next door and often in front.

The Consequences of the Pandemic in the Gender Violence

Purple ribbon
Twenty-five years have passed since the world conference in Beijing, and yet no country in the world has achieved gender equality.

The Secret Writing Created by Women

Standing woman in front of closed door
Jiangyong Nu Shu is a disappearing language created by women for women

Stunning Women Take TEDxBogotá Women 2020

Mauricio Salazar at a TedxBogotá event.
The 2020 version of this event features 8 female protagonists, classified as bold, brave, challenging, and daring.

Kamala Harris or The Historical, Social and Political Transformation

Kamala Harris giving a speech
The first woman with ancestry of two ethnic groups: black and Indian, included in a North American presidential list, Kamala Harris, has marked the history of humanity

Record Number Of Women in The United States Congress

Building near green trees
At least 131 women will serve in Congress in 2021, according to News Wise

Do you Know How to Detect a Sign of Domestic Violence?

Recognizing a hand signal to report domestic violence can save a woman's life

The Importance of Minority Communities for Political Parties

Women at Black Lives Matter protest
Black women's communities have become the fundamental voting bloc of the Democratic Party in the United States.

These are the Youngest Women in Politics in the World

Sanna Marin and Chlöe Swarbrick
The best way to engage young people in politics is by choosing leaders that can represent and inspire them.

Women in Japan try to change their culture

Two japanese people
In Nagoya, an industrial city on the coast of Japan, Japanese women dress as Mexican Chicanas.

How to Encourage the Participation of Young Women in Politics?

Business woman working with her laptop.
The absence of women political leaders on the world stage is highly visible.

5 Successful Women Entrepreneurs From Latin America

Carolina Herrera and Lupina Iturriaga
Women have become empowered to the point that they are ready to take over the world with renewed spirit and vigor.
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