Meet an Inspirational Woman, the Google Assistant Director

Lilian Rincón, Google Assistant Director
Lilian Rincón is the Senior Director of Product Management at Google and the mastermind behind Google Assistant.

Neuralink: The quest to control devices directly with the brain

Vector artificial intelligence in a brain
The same owner of major companies such as SpaceX and Tesla is now looking for a new challenge: connecting the brain to the Internet

Click, With a Woman's Touch

Paula Gaviria
In the ICT sector, there has been an increase in the participation of women in the various fields it encompasses.

Can Venus have life? Water could be the answer

View of the planet Venus
One of the most intriguing planets in our galaxy might have some secrets to discover

What are deepfakes and why are they such a big problem?

Example of an intervention with Deepfakes
Even though we all seem to fight misinformation, technology has advanced to the point where it is difficult to know what is true and what is not

Everything you need to know about the PS5 announcement

PS5 console view
After a long wait, we learned the official launch price, the details and the video games that this long-awaited console will launch

The controversial ratings of the best FIFA 21 players

Frame from the trailer of the video game FIFA21
The ratings of the best FIFA 21 players are already in. Let's see the surprises and revelations included this time

The algorithms of social networks modify our reality

Cell phone with the symbols of the Instagram application
We spend a lot of time on social media. However, to what extent do they condition our knowledge and interpretation of the facts?

How does Google use your data?

Mobile device with Google application logo
It's not new to anyone that Google collects all the information you use on the web, but what specifically does it do with that?

Video games: an industry benefited by the quarantine

Woman using a video game controller
In the midst of a global economic crisis caused by the pandemic, the video game market is going against the tide and continues to grow

Everything we know about the iPhone 12

Default Image
The iPhone 12 is the big launch of the year in terms of smartphones. Let's see all the information that is known about it so far

Google Pixel is revolutionizing the field of mobile photography

Google Pixel 4a cell phone
Before the launch of the Google Pixel 4A, we decided to find out what makes its cameras so special and unique. Let's find out below
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