Can a UNICORN outrun earthquakes?

San Andreas Fault and Plate Boundaries
The new solver can be used as a tool to aid scientists in the arduous task of long-term earthquake forecasting.

The digital gender divide is growing, ¿what can we do?

Woman browsing on her laptop
52 percent of women in the world are not connected.

Nature might be better than tech at reducing air pollution

Plants may be better than technology at mitigating air pollution, a new study shows.
Adding plants and trees to the landscapes near factories and other pollution sources could reduce air pollution by an average of 27 percent, new research suggests

How your friends' brain look like while thinking of you

LatinamericanPost News
If you ever wondered what's going on in your friends' brains when they think about you, new research may provide a clue.

Everything you need to know about the World Wide Network Of Women

World Wide Network Of Women
Every year we gather with both men and women in related industries to collaborate and strengthen our relationships with key partnerships and notable individuals

Machine learning leads to novel way to track tremor severity in Parkinson's patients

Hands of an elderly man on a cane
There is an urgent need for an approach that can continuously measure tremors accurately without the need for patients to perform specific tasks

All about the new PS5

Play Station Console 5.
Sony has confirmed the launch of its new PS5 console at the end of the year 2020.

Bioprinting: living cells in a 3D printer

Cells spreading in a 3D scaffold - from left to right: week 1, week 3 week 5. Top: 3D setup, bottom: one layer only.
The materials used must be cell-friendly during and after the 3D bioprinting process, this restricts the variety of possible materials.

Mars once had salt lakes similar to Earth

Planet Mars
The results show that the lake that was present in Gale Crater over 3 billion years ago underwent a drying episode.

Hubble observes new interstellar visitor

The NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope observed Comet 2I/Borisov at a distance of approximately 420 million kilometres from Eart
The interstellar visitor is believed to have arrived here from another planetary system elsewhere in our galaxy.

3D-printed coral could help endangered reefs

View of a coral in the ocean.
According to a new study, 3D-printed objects do not impact the behavior of coral-associated damselfish or the survival of a settling stony coral.

Physicists have found a way to 'hear' dark matter

The researchers propose a new instrument for searching dark matter axions using tunable plasmas.
This new way to look for dark matter will help the research for one of the strongest dark matter candidates in areas that are completely unexplored.
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