Looking for colonial history? This is Casa Blanca

Colonial House 'Hacienda Casa Blanca'.
Discover the tragic romance behind Hacienda Casa Blanca and schedule your next event in this colonial house

The 5 most beautiful and striking lakes on the planet

View of Peyto Lake in Canada.
We cannot travel due to the pandemic, but we can enjoy images and videos of some wonders of nature

Could hotel service robots help the hospitality industry after COVID-19?

Person opening a hotel room door.
Most hotels around the globe are feeling a catastrophic economic impact

The best five travel books you can read today

Sitting woman holding open book.
If you have an adventurous spirit, you can take advantage of the quarantine to catch up on various travel books. Join us to see the best

The need to implement early travel restrictions against coronavirus

Person waiting on train station.
A new study shows that mobility restrictions are more important than we thought in preventing the spread of COVID-19.

All you need to know about Vive Popayán Festival in Bogotá

View of the main park of Popayán in Colombia.
Here there is all the information about this important event that brings together two beautiful cities

Top vacation places in Ohio

View of Cuyahoga River in Cleveland, Ohio.
The world is a beautiful place and has a lot of amazing places to be if one is willing to see new places

5 old mining towns that you will want to visit

Sewell, Chilean mining city.
They are vestiges of mining activity in colonial times and true tourist centers that attract for their atmosphere

What are the 10 destinations you should visit in 2020?

View of a Washington street and houses on a Greenland hill.
The New York Times published a list of the 52 places you should visit this year. Here we bring you the top 10.

Volunteer tourism can aid disaster recovery

The ruins of Nepal's Gorkha district after the 2015 earthquake.
Volunteer tourism can help communities recover from natural disasters, as well as offer a unique and rewarding experience for volunteers, if done carefully.

These are the 10 most insecure countries to travel in 2020

Person reading a map.
Here we tell you the countries that you should avoid if you are going to travel on this new year.

5 amazing places to receive 2020

New York, Tahiti, Madrid.
The welcome of a new year is the perfect time to meet new places with a festive atmosphere
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