The Challenge of Scheduling Activities for Children During Quarantine

Children lookinf thrugh a door
Have your children gained weight will all this time at home? Here is what you should do.

Daily Habits That Help You Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Woman stretching her arms
Due to the CORONAVIRUS pandemic, many people report feeling stressed and anxious at this time.

For a Better Quality of Life, Just Laugh More

Two woman laughing
A good laugh can boost your mood. But what about your physical and mental well-being? Here are six ways laughing improves your health.

Luisa Fernanda Valderrama or The Lesson of Walking Through Thick and Thin

Luisa Fernanda Valderrama
She felt the discrimination of her friends who made fun of her because she smelled of gasoline and diesel, not perfume.

Trying to Get Pregnant? This APP May Help You

Woman looking at pregnancy test
Sylvia Kang is the CEO and co-founder of Mira, a company that uses technology to help older women to have children.

Is Time to Turn to Other Options to Keep in Touch

Two people having a videocall
Due to the closures of bars and other social gathering places, it has not been so easy to connect with friends and others in our space.

Skills that Stand Out Towards The Conquest of Job Opportunities

Silvina Moschini
As an entrepreneur, Argentine Silvina Moschini has impacted the world of digital transformation in work settings.

The Setback in the Professional Careers of Mothers Due to the Pandemic

Woman carrying her baby while she works
Women's careers have been disproportionately affected in part due to gaps in child care caused by school closings.

Tips to Improve Your Energy, Rest Habits and Concentration

Woman meditating in the middel of forest
Did you know that not only your body but also your brain can be in shape? It just takes healthy daily practices and a little patience.

How to Protect Your Mental and Physical Integrity

Edgar Leaño during a class
The mind-body duo is present in a technique that rescues the value of humanity.

A Successful Mix of Technology, Philanthropy and Sustainability

Estefanía Vega during a conference
Estefanía Vega is a young, intelligent, and purposeful woman who moved away from preconceived gender scripts to write her own story.

Breathing Techniques For A Painless Labor

Pregnant woman
Correct breathing during labor is one of the best tools you can use to make labor easier.

Tips to achieve your 2021 wellness goals

Woman sitting on the seashore
These are some recommendations that you can take into account to start the year in a more pleasant and, above all, focused way

Revelations of Improvement That Lead To Success

Cover from the book
Acclaimed singer Tina Turner's latest book is an honest account of her spiritual journey and how it has helped create joy in her life.

A Look At Initiatives That Break Stereotypes

Olga Lucia Mendez
Who said that mechanics is a world exclusively for men and where is it written that a woman cannot maintain or repair a car, bicycle, or motorcycle?

What Are The Best Eating Habits to Sleep Well?

Woman sleeping
The key to getting a better night's sleep may lie in your stomach. Specifically, what you eat affects the way you sleep.

How to Stay Motivated and Productive During the Holidays

Woman putting ribbon in red gift
Staying focused and motivated during the holiday season can be challenging when some distractions start to get in your way.

Be Careful With Your Health This Holiday Season

Young woman sitting next to a chimney
The festive season can always lead to overindulging in food, alcohol, and sweets.

Accounts on Instagram About The Roads to Success

Inspiration is the start of a great idea, a small amount of what you need to achieve something huge

Should Toys Be Gender Neutral?

Girl in red dress playing with wooden blocks
Nowadays, you can't walk into a kids' store without seeing a clear divide: boys' stuff is blue, and girls' stuff is pink.

Consequences of the Lag in Education on Gender and Rights

Women looking on laptop
The disproportionate impact of the spread of HIV around the world has been concentrated on girls and young women.
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